Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


In my opinion there are no bad features about Penn State Altoona. I love it here, although I will be tranferring to Main my junior year, I wouldn't trade PSU- A for any other college. The class sizes are perfect, as to where your professor knows your name, there are many people you can befriend, and the atmosphere is all together amazing!


Among the dazzling and wonderous aspects that are personified in Penn State, one hideous gloom hovers over the great university. Although this institution is among the best world wide in academics, sports, and research, unfortunately the incredibly reputation Penn State carried was tarnished by the disgusting actions of one man. The worst thing about Penn State: Being defined by Jerry Sandusky.


The worst thing about my school is the location and transportation. Having a car would be a great idea.


There are not a lot of study spaces avaliable that provide tables where we can spread out our materials. Also, the drinking. A lot of social gatherings involve alcohol and I do not care to join any of that.


I do not feel as though there is a worst thing about my school. I am only a 2nd semester freshman and so far my experiences have been great. The campus is a nice size not too big not too small. The professors are very friendly and are there for you when you need help and they want to help you succeed. Advisors are also very helpful. They assist you with picking classes, finding internships, scholarships, etc. I find this school to be amazing. The food is not the best but I have had worst.


Personally I haven't found anything wrong about my college for the time that I have been enrolled here. I guess it's how you make your college experience and so far it has been good to me for me not to complain or find any faults in it.


I really had to rack my brain to find something unlikeable about Penn State Altoona. But after much thought the only thing I was able to come up with was the location. It's in a very mountainous region and a couple of the highways you take to get here sometimes become very icy and dangerous.


Sometimes I feel that a few professors assume that their class is the only one that we take, or that matters. I would appreciate if they understood better that when they assign things, i have 10 other projects due at the same time.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the cost of tuition, especially for out of state students. There are not a lot of school provided scholarships and funds available to students. However, the student aid office on campus is willing to and tries to help every student as best as they can. They provide suggetions and websites that maybe of assistance, such as fastweb.


I think the worst thing would be the cost of tuition.


They aren't always clear about the rules Main campus has on branch campus's.


the lack of diversity and the cost. There is not that any minorities here and you might be the only one in your class of your race. As for the cost, the middle class people are being hurt the most due to lack of financial aid and lack of personal money to pay tuition.


The cost of attendence at college is astronomical now. It's difficult being a returning adult student