Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish i had knewn how everybody go either home or to Penn State Main every weekend. Also how off-campus is really better than living in the dorms and it cost the same price and sometimes even cheaper. Even though I am glad i lived of campus because i feel that is an experience everybody should have. If you live of campus security is really annoying, regarding to parties or having a certain amount of people in your apartment. Keep your GPA up first semester and do not slack.


I am very pleased with my decision and do not regret anything.


Before I entered this school year I would prefer that I knew nothing about what I was getting into except that it was a college, that i would be learning, and that this was where my life would begin. I wish to know nothing else when I dive into a new experience. I believe that is the beauty of a new experience one never knows what will come out of it, which forces them to remain focus and prepared for anything. It is much easier to fill an empty cup than a half filled one.


I wish that I would of known, how much responsibility I now had as a college student on my own. There's no more mom amd dad telling you what to do or waking you up in the morning. You have to take responsibility for you own life and your own education. You decided what you do, no one else. I did not realize that, I thought I had control but I did not whoch ended up me getting okay gardes my first semester but I have learned form my mistakes!


I need money to pay for school. If I don't get any scholarships, the likelyhood of me going is very slim.


I wish I knew how to study. In high school the material was easy so I found that there was no need for studying but in college studying is something you have to do. It took me a while to get the hang of always studying and which method helped me most to contain the content. I just wish I had known that before I went to college.


Before I had came to this school, I wish I knew how to manage time more efficiently. Lately, time has become a resource of which I spend entirely too quickly, and I have been rushing to classes, rushing homework, and rushing with meetings. If I could manage time better, I would have more free time to myself.


I wish I would have known that the classroom is an inviting place and all the teachers really care about there studetns. I chose to go to Saint Vincent College my freshman year and did not like the classroom experience. The campus life was great but the classroom was not enjoyable for me so I transfered to Penn State Altoona.


I wish I had focused more on note taking. Being good at taking notes can really help a lot.


I just wish that before I attended college my high school would have put more time into teaching us how to study correctly because when I stated college I never had to study before so I had to teach myself.


How cold it was in the winter.


I don't have any issues with this campus, it is nice and I enjoy it.


That the transition to college is not as easy as you may think. There are an unlimited number of factors that a new student has no concept or understanding of until they enter college life. In addition, be open and objective to new ideas and thoughts. Lastly, its alright to say NO! Dont do what anything that makes you uncomfortable or uneasy. The partying is fun, but it is a very bad habbit to break. Class always comes first, becuase thats the point of college, its not for anyone else, be selfish, its your future, and your future alone.


Alot of students come to school & don't realize how study habits need to change. & alot of professors teach as though they are in a room with esteemed colleagues. Its the theory of throwing someone in the deep end of the pool to teach them to swim. What messed alot of people up is that there isnt much help in how to adjust. No seminars on study habits or how to balance time now that your on your own. & just because you qualify for an upperlevel science or math class doesnt mean that you should take it. People get overwhelmed.