Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


By 4th year you know your professors and they know you.


The best thing about my school is the amount of pride we all for our school. The environment which is created from the non stop pride makes the school a great place to attend. I have enjoyed my time thus far at Penn State.


The best thing about Penn State Altoona is the help I recieve. During my FTCAP program, my advisor helped me with my scheduling and she helped me pick out what classes would benefit me. I was also told about the tutoring that was available for the classes I would be struggling with. I really like how everyone there is there to help you succeed.


Pennsylvania State University Altoona has a lot of great things about it, however the best thing in my opinion is its size. I am an out of state student, so coming here as a freshman I didnt know anyone. The Altoona campus is small which gives you the opportunity to meet people. Whereas, up at the main campus it is rare to see somebody you recongnize more than once. Not only did it allow me to meet more people but the classes were smaller. I received more direct attention from my professors which in turn helped me to excel academically.


The campus is big enough that you are not crammed together but small enough to know where everything is. The professors will know your name and you are able to have one on one with them. The work can be challenging at some times, but it all seems worth it knowing your getting a degree from Penn State in the end. Also, you can have fun while working hard.


The professors know you on a first name basis. The class size is very similar to high school size ( 20-30 students) so a freshman will not feel intimidated or nervous. The small size of the classes makes for a friendly atmosphere.


The best part about my school is the classroom. The teachers are all helpful and really care about there students. There are always office hours to go in and talk to teachers if you are having a problem. Most of the ones I have had want to be called by there first name and are very approachable. Most class sizes are about 35 students which is nice because you get to know not only the teacher but your classmates as well, but there are a few general classes that have a max of 100 students.


The best thing about Penn State Altoona would have to be the school size and location. I have looked at multiple schools on the East Coast and through my experiences and talking to other college students, this university branch campus is a perfect size and a great place to help high school seniors transition into the college scene. Class sizes average from 10-117 students per classroom and only allow professors to teach as well as having them offer students more one-on-one interactions than most colleges/universities. The Altoona campus is also only 40 minutes from University Park.


There are many great things about Penn State Altoona. Some of the main ones that are outstanding in my mind is the friendliness of the campus and the ease of navigating around the campus. Everywhere you walk you always see a welcoming and smiling face, someone walking a dog, or a friend. Also, if you ever find that you're not where you thought you were, there's always a campus map near by. And for the above reasons Penn State Altoona is a great place to go to college.


Students here accept anybody no matter what ethnicity, race, gender, sexual preference, etc. I haven't heard any race crimes at all since I've been here.


small campus, great name


It is a small, but nice campus. It is very close to Penn State University Park.


The best thing about my school is the professors. It may just be me but I've had many professors that really care about me and my work.


The smaller sized classes and overall size of the campus.


I feel that Penn State is rated one of the best colleges for finding a good job and career.


The best thing about school is the small class sizes. It allows the professors to get to know their students and the students to be more comfortable asking questions and being involved in the class. Also it makes it less easy to skip classes, in a school where you have very large classes you are just a number and it is easy to feel like you would not be missed if you skip. The professors are very interested in your success because classes are on a more personal level. The majority of the professors I have know me by name.