Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks Top Questions

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The smaller campus gives a very welcome and connected feel between professors and students. There is a very good communication between all people on campus, and there are plenty of chances to talk one-on-one with your professors. All of the people, professors, staff, and students are all very considerate and pleasant and are always willing to help with any issue. The Penn State Community is very connected to one another that it is hard to not feel included in all that goes on on and off campus.


It is a school that is open to everyone and has lots of resources and research opportunities. It has small class sizes with teachers who call you by your name, are energetic, and are glad to help. Penn State Berks is the same education as one will receive in Penn State University Park, however, it is more intimate, and even better with the smaller classes, great professors, and resources available for all.


Penn State has over twenty campases accross the state. Anyone can start their degree for two yearsthen pick one to finish there major.


As soon as you step foot on our campus, you feel a sense of community. Students and faculty members always hold the door for the person behind them, say "hi" to people they do not even know, and are open to diversity. At least once a week the University holds events that allow the community to come to tegether and experience new things.




The unique thing about Penn State Berks is when you attend here, you are family and everyone feels like an equal.


The teachers are always here to help you. They know who you are, they remember who you are and you grow close to them. It has a nice setting, very different from the city, with a lot of open space.


The thing that is unique about Penn State berks is how neat and small the campus is. The campus is very beutiful and the dorms are above average. The place has a small campus type of athmosphere to it, which makes it imposible to get lost. On average the size of people per class is 20 and even the biggest classes like for example economy dont pass 35 people. If you are an outsdoor kind of person their is also alot of places that you can hike. Finally, the most unique thing about my campus is how safe it is.