Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person looking for a big name school with great education but wants a smaller class so they can have more resouces should definitly attend Penn State Berks. Also, anyone who wants to do reasearch or wants to go to a school that has a close knit relationship should attend.


I believe the kind of person that should attend Pennsylvania State Berks is someone with a plan, someone who knows what their goal is. If you are going to school just to coast and barley make it Penn State is not the school for you. Penn State has a lot of helpful resources and means to help, and if this school i the path you chose to follow use the resources. This school is for people prepaired to make a difference in there lives and people who are prepaired to invest in theit future.


Anyone with a strong mind for dedication, succession , and ambition.


If you plan on enrolling in Penn State Berks, or any Penn State Campus for that matter, then you should plan on working hard. I have had instances of ease, and even instances where I needed to work harder. This college can push you to your limits, but it is also very fair. The cliche phrase, "You get out what you put in," is a perfect description of this school. This isn't high school, but if you work hard, you will succeed.


The student rarely picks the school, it is the school that picks the student. I would have to say that Berks has a wide variety of students and your experience there is whatever you make it. If a student is frighten by a large campus and wants to get a feel for what college life is like without dealing with excessive partying then Berks is the place for them!


Anyone that has their head on straight should attend this school.


Someone who likes small classrooms with alot of hands on activities. Someone who likes teachers who know who their students are and how they perform in class. A person should attend this school If they like seeing the same people around all the time. Someone should also come here if they enjoy a small little community because thats what we are here at Penn State Berks.


The type of person who should attend this school is any type of person who wants to further their education, expand their knowledge, and learn more about themselves and others on a day to day basis.


Anyone who wants a quality education from a highly respected institute should attend Penn State. It is a very diverse school and will provide any student with new experiences. The student should also look forward to learning. I have not only learned new things from my classes, but also the people around me. It is a wonderful school for anyone.


people that are outgoing, open to new ideas, and people who wants to start of in a small campus setting.


I think students who graduate high school should all have a chance to go to college. It is not about how your intelligence level anymore. its mostly based on how much your school can rip you off and how popular the name of the school is. Everyone deserves to go to this school. people who are willing to learn and go somewhere in life should be able to go this this school or any school in general.


A person who is dedicated, hard-working, motivated, mature, and ready to earn a degree!