Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Penn State Berks is the fact that it is a relatively small school, but has the same resources as all the major state schools. At Berks, we have all the same resources and abilities that University Park does. Many small schools not linked to a state school do not have this capability. Penn State Berks is perfect for those wanting to be in close-knit community, while still have a world's worth of capabilities close at hand.


I would have to say that the best thing about my school was the close-knitt feel the campus had. Because Pennsate Berks is such a small campus it is easy to make friends and networking connections. The small classes allow the student to know his/her professor on a personal and individual level.


The best thing about this school is how helpful everyone is in when trying to direct you to the right path to take to get into your major, or if your undecided they will try to help you find something you like that will make you happy. everyone at this campus gets along , and the people are very friendly, and also the energy that this campus gives off due to its enviroment is well worth it.


the smaller classes, because it is easirt to learn and make friends in.


There is a great library and career services center. Take advantage of those!


I consider the best thing about my school is the class sizes. I am at a branch campus of a huge university, and I feel that smaller classes make the classroom atmosphere more comfortable for students. In these classrooms you feel known as an individual and not as a number on an ID card. Also, in this smaller atmosphere, teachers tend to have a better likelyhood of growing on their students and for their students to grow on them.


I feel that the size of the school has the greatest impact for me as being the best. It does have 4-5 buildings that change things up each day, but it doesnt involve radiculus amounts of students or area. I think that this helps in many ways because it allows everyone to get a hands-on approach in the classroom. classes are much smaller than larger campus's giving someone a much easier time to have a one-on-one relationship with the professors.


The size of the classes because they are small and you can have a more personal relationship with your professor.