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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my inexperienced self to schedule early every semester so that he won't be stuck with classes he dislike or doesn't need. It is fundamental to schedule for classes before they geet full because the only option that uld be available would be to take classes nobody likes and that he doesn't need which is a waste of time, and money. Another one is to keep the distraction from having an influence on him. Procrastination is an enemy not an ally, keep busy studying and working to get good grades and prepare for finals. Make study plans with friends if needed because sometimes it's easier to study in group than individually especially if your friends and you share the same subject. At last, waking up in the morning isn't that bad compared to missing a lot of morning classes because missing out on classes can be really painful at the end of the semester, you would be lost and no one can help you.


I worked hard throughout my high school career, but there were things that could be improved upon. I wish I would've taken more college classes as a junior in high school. My senior year I was already a full time college freshman but could've sped things along if I would've worked harder as a junior. If I would've put forth the extra effort I could've completed a whole year of college before I even enrolled as a full time college student. Though regardless I'm still ahead of my graduating class as far as college goes.


I would sit myself down, and have a lengthy chat with myself. First I would tell myself to apply to as many schools as possible. I really regret applying to only four schools. If I could do it again I would like to have a much larger variety of schools to choose from. The second peice of information I would tell myself would be to fill out my FAFSA as soon as possible. By filing my FAFSA late, I missed out on alot of financial aid opportunities, and who doesn't want a little extra money towards school? Lastly I would tell myself to look into the activities I want to get involved in. When visiting schools, I never thought about what type of clubs I wanted to join, so that I could make sure the school actually had the activities I was interested in.


If I had to go back to my senior year I would definitely apply to more schools and give myself more options. I also think that talking to a students that go to the colleges I am applying to, and have the same major as me would be a great idea to see their outlook on the campus life as well as the classes. I would have also liked the opportunity to sit in on a class to get a feel of class sizes and teaching styles.


I'd tell myself to hang in there, to make it through that year, because that'd be the end of hell for me. High school was a terrible experience because I had no friends and felt completely out of place. No one shared my interests. Only a few teachers valued my presence. Once I entered college, I discovered a whole new world of people who like what I like and do what I do. My professors find my work interesting, not weird, and my friends have included me on outings to plays and movies I truly enjoyed but would never have seen alone. I feel a lot more confident about my goals and talents. So, if I could talk to my high school self, I'd encourage me to wait like I do to see my long-distance boyfriend. "Every week is one week less until you're free, and what a wide and wild world you'll discover then. Just wait. It's worth it, I promise. You'll see."