Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Penn State Behrend is a college filled with pride and dignity to excel as much as possible through education, atheltics, and community.


The school is absolutely beautiful, and provides an effective learning environment for students in many different fields of study.


Personally, it is a good place to obtain your education. It is a good place to find networks and mentors. It is terrible place to find friends.


Behrend is an amazing place to learn and make friends.


Behrend is not only a well-known, acknowledged college they are also a school that is worth the students time and money, students will not get just a degree they will receive knowledge about their major that they would not get at other schools, a professor who not only teaches the subject but usually also has a career in that field and experiences before choosing a major so students have no regrets about choosing Penn State.


The Behrend Campus is becoming one of the most popular in the Penn State system.


A great learning environment that allows students to complete their work while acquiring lifetime experiences, knowledge, and memories.


Best place ever. teachers are committed to their students


Penn State Behrend is a diverse campus that offers a great education for the price of tuition, and a sense of belonging, school spirit, and everlasting friendships.


Very family oriented town. Students are nice, kind and considerate. Campus is gorgous.