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Penn State is a large known school on the east coast, the Behrend campus is one of a kind becasue although they are still just as good as any other Penn State campus they provide smaller classes sizes so that every student has the ability to learn and not be over whelmed with a large room packed with students. Unlike some schools that just promote themselves as having time for every student Behrend really does. It a professor is not available there is a available for each subject along with an advisor. Students are not forgotten, ever.


Everyone gets along, its a friendly environment. There are a lot of activities to keep you busy, and the teachers will work one on one with you if you need extra help. What is also unique is the views that you have from a few facilities. You can see the lake. It is also pretty in the summer because of all the trees. It is a great campus.


I didn't consider any other school because I liked this school alot and it was close to home. But something you should know about Behrend is that there isn't alot to do on the weekends unless you have a vehicle. I do enjoy going here, but people who come from bigger cities tend to hate it.


Penn State, Erie is unique to other schools I considered because of the size and location. I feel as if I am getting a quality education, getting to know my classmates, and at the same time, staying focused because everything is right on campus. PSU is located in a rural area and for a student living without a vehicle, I am glad I chose a school where there aren't many places I can walk to. It helps me to take advantage of all that the campus has to offer.


This school is a lot smaller than other schools I applied to. That allows for more student-professor interaction and is very helpful when a student is trying to fit in. Penn State Erie is also one of the best engineering schools in the country and the engineering school here has all of the new technology necessary for providing students with a quality education. Also Penn State Erie is undergoing many new renovations and new construction of buildings and labs for future students to use.


I was told the new General Arts and Sciences degree would be perfect for a returning student such as myself. However, I found that I still have credits that are non-transferable.


It's not too big or too small. It's not in the city, but it's not in the middle of nowhere. It's in just the right place.


The size of the school is unique to the other school I looked at. I loved that there weren't too many students to be overwhelmed going into a new environment.


The small community setting and the closeness of the students that currently go there. All the students work well together and this school emphasises how nessecary it is to put application of material learned in class into the labrotory's. The students at my school act as a big family and everyone trys to help and respect everyone else.