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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would give myself some of the most important advice in my life. First and foremost, I would tell myself to study harder and longer on the concepts in mathematics. Although you may be pretty good at math now, college will see to it that your limits will be tested. College is a great experience, and although you may hav troubles with what you may face, there are people out there that will help you and become friends and mentors, so do not be afraid to ask for their help. I did not, and it has costed me some easy grades. You may be anxious that you may not fit in, but remember one thing: other students are facing the same dilemma. They are just as nervous as you, and you should take that opportunity to make them feel at home. Yes, you will be nervous of the financial costs and course work, but it is not as bad as you think. You will be able to do what you need to done and still have the future dreams that you first crafted in high school. Dig into the first days of school with excitement. It will be fun.


I would tell myself to make sure that I set goals for myself and ork hard at everything that is put in front of me when I get to college. I would also tell myself that college is a time for exploring and creating new experiences, so have fun and take advantge of the social events as well as the academic ones.


I have been attending lone star college- tomball campus and I LOVE IT! It is a small campus that has the ability to have a close relationship with their students and uses this ability in so many ways it is amazing. My proffesors have always been more then willing to help me with anything I am having trouble with even if it is in a different class. The close-knitt relationships at my college have helped me go from a shy girl that sat in any empty seat and kept her head down, to being the out going person who is willing to start study groups and meet new friends every chance i can. I am planing on furthering my education by attending Texas A&M University next spring and this is all because of the experiences that i have had at Lone Star College. The student activities department is always having programs to get their students involved in the college and by doing so, Lone Star has built a connection deeper then words with their students! I have been able to map out and decided my dreams that i am working so hard on today!


My college experience has been pretty boring, I look forward to graduating so I can go to grad school where I think I will have a fulfilling experience.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, I would tell my self a few things. First I would tell myself to study more in high school and really grasb the ideas and classes your taking because the material will appear again in college. I would tell myself to take high school more seriously, but also to relax a little because everything will work out. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarships and save up the money you have, so you have money to use in college. i would say to trust your decisions in schools and apply to the schools I truly wanted to attend regardless of my grades in high school.


I would have to tell myself not to base your decision on the name of a college and that you need to make sure you're going somewhere that you will enjoy. Enjoying yourself in school is half the battle. If you don't enjoy it, then what is the point of spending all that money to go? I would also tell myself, "SAVE YOUR MONEY!", because in college, you need every penny you can get.


If I could go back and give myself some advice about college I would tell myself the importance of being organized and well prepared. Its not like high school where you can scramble and come up with something last minute. I would also tell my self how important it is to study and develop good note aking skills as these are all things that I had to realize after my first semester, which did not go as well as I had hoped. I would also tell myself to join clubs sooner and get involved instead of waiting.


Knowing what I bring to my future, I would advice myself to stop procrastinating. I have been doing this for a longtime, though its hard to admit. If I could go back in time to when I was a senior I definitely would warn myself of this, knowing what the future would hold for me if I kept my habit. However, procrastination isn't my only demon, low self-esteem is as well. If I was more open and not nervous or shy all the time, I would have had a better life. There would have been better grades on my report card just for the fact that I participated more in class, not just for doing the homework but for asking and answering questions. These are the demons that do hold me down. Nonetheless, they are not strong enough to stop me, I will succeed and diminish the hold on my mind.


If I could go back in time and advise myself as a high schools senior about college life, I would have told myself to be strong in everything that I do and always to put God first. As a high school senior I was told by many individuals that I would face many tough situations that even I could not deal with, and that religion was a distraction from my studies. Being loyal to my faith as a Christian, I realized that I could not do anything without the help and love of God, and that if I was to put him behind everything else, definately I would not be able to make it through college by my self. Well I listened to those individuals in the begining of my college career, and as I suspected it brought nothing but hardship, but when I decided to put God first in my studies and everything else, it seemed like college was just a breeze. This may not be the answer that campusdiscovery are looking for, but to me it is the sole truth and the number one thing I would tell myself as a high school senior.


Hey Lauren, Just wanted to say how fun in college! Take a deep breathe and relax its not as bad as you think and try to open up alittle people are very nice you just cant be so shy. The teachers are amazing not much different from high school. Just stay focused and you will do great!


When applying for colleges you need to stop and think about what you want to get out of the university. Do you want a school where you can be very social, that has lots of activities and social events? Do you want a school that focuses mainly on academics and will give you astonishing work experiences for your resume when you graduate? Knowing your self will help make the transition from high school to college that much easier.


Spend some time on the campus before making your decision students who give the tour are usually the ones with the biased opinion


"Find the college that is right for you!" is a common saying. The way to do that is to visit each school. I am a tour guide and orientation leader at my school and some of the opportunities we offer are overnight stays for prospective students, be a college student for a day, and student forums where the parents and prospective students are about to ask full time students about our experiences at the school. Take advantage of all these opportunities and if they are not directly offered to you, ask! It's a way to really understand what it's like at that school. Also, talk to professors in the field of study you are interested in. They will help you to get a visual on what a sample schedule might be for you in your first semester. My one piece of advice I give to all prospective students is to become involved. No matter whether you are a commuter or a resident, there is always a way to become involved in a club or sport on campus. If the campus doesn't offer a club you?re interested in, there is always a way to get it started.


The advice I have for parents and college bound students is to look at everything when it comes to college. I went for the freedom from parents and the name which is not always the best option. Make a list of what you want no expect out of your college, visit the colleges you have in mind and bring your list, check off or note the things that can be a problem. Ask questions and make sure that it is what you really want not what looks good on your resume or great for social recreation. Because in the long run you could not be doing so well in that environment and have to leave there to attend another school or stay at your "dream college" and graduate, only to not be as trained for the world or job market like other students striving for that same job at a firm or corporation. Last thing I leave, is to invite your parents in on the discussion and visits because even though we do not think it, our parents have been there and they know what to look for and how their college years were. The best desicions are made together.