Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Hazleton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are really dependent on financial aid as a way to fund your education, Penn State simply isn't for you. The administration believes that the cost of tuition is low enough and there are very few sources of aid directly from the school. It's even worse if you are an out of state student because the tuition is more expensive in that case.


Anyone whom is more concerned with partying, and being the"big man on campus" should not attend this campus. On this campus most of the students here are really concentrated on getting into their major by 3rd semester, in order to transfer to main campus. If you are the kind of person that does not have any set goals for college , or is punctual in terms of deadlines,this campus isn't for you. You must be the kind of person whom is willing to work hard at their academics at all times


Penn State Hazleton has a very "Do-it-yourself" attitude about it. I would suggest that those that are not very self motivated look for a different option as the teachers and faculty expect you to be a self -starter.


Someone who is anti-social, but that goes for any college. Or someone who is dramatic, small campuses can be a lot like highschool, someone like that wouldn't do well.