Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Mont Alto Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who enjoys the country side, and quietness.


The best kind of person to attend this school, is a person who's open minded. That person also has to be able to relate and sympathize with people. And that person has to be a leader.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is commited to success. There are resources available in to making your career at Penn State much more better, so students should be using those resources and looking forward to. Student who are interested should also have a positive attitude. Make friends that will have the same ambitions as you, and even compete. Penn State is a fun school, but the student who does not lose sight of what is important should come to my school.


A person who has an open mind should attend this school. There is a great mix of ethic backgrounds and different cultures. I have learned a alot from attending Mont Alto. The students have open arms and do not judge other students. We have great school pride at Mont Alto. The professors are there to help us succeed and it shows. They will help us when we need help no matter the time of day.


I would say anyone should attend this school, someone who wants an easy transition from h.s. to college, and also anyone who loves the wilderness and loves to get out and see things!

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