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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The knowledge I now possess about college and making the transition, would make a great difference if I could talk to myself as a senior. The greatest advice to give myself is, use the resources provided to you. Talk to your advisor, guidance counselor, or teachers. Whoever you need to speak with to get the answers and information you need. Have someone guide you through different scholarship, grants, or state funding processes instead of guessing the way to complete the submissions. Recieve guidance and advice in researching for potential majors instead of doing it on your own. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling, because help is out there. When you do not understand a lesson or a project, seek the help you need and that is provided. Take advantage of every opportunity the resources give you. From internships, networking, tutoring, clubs, etc. Resources are meant to be allocated, not disregarded. The resources are there to help you make a successful transition from a senior to a college student, use them.


Stay on top of all your classes, seat in front of the classroom, always asks question and participate in the discussions, and as well as helping someone who may need help in understanding something. Stay on task, read all the materials that is giving, also study very hard.


I would give myself the best advice of to definitely take your time but don't commit to something that can cost a lot of money because in the end I know I ended up at an expensive university. I do have some financial aid but it's not enough when you go to classes full time and can only work part time. I would tell myself not to rush, read into things and decide some alternate career choices. I would also tell myself to do the best I can do in high school because there are so many great opportunities to earn money for college based upon good grades you can receive while in high school.