Pensacola State College Top Questions

Describe the students at Pensacola State College.


The students at Pensacola State College are sometimes nice but sometimes they just ignore you and talk about themselves.


Not particularly motivated..


Each of my classmates tend to be quiet, but are capable of becoming involved in class discussions and give valuable input.


I refuse to sum everyone I've met up in once sentence. It wouldn't do them justice.


The students are well rounded and determined to work. We help each other out in class to solve a problem or fix our mistakes.


My classmates are interesting, diverse, intelligent, hard-working, stimulating individuals.


My classmates are diverse in age and race. The general attitude is easy going and purpose driven. The students who are attending here are not doing it because 'it is the next step' but because they wish to go further and recognize PJC as an affordable way of doing so. You have dual enrollment students, military personnel, single parents, continuing education students, job training, elderly who wish for more knowledge. There is practically no limit who or what you will find here. I continue to meet new kinds of people from different walks of life. It is a great atmosphere.


All my classmates keep to themselves during the day but when spoken to tend to be very friendly.


My classmates at PJC encompass a wide spectrum of demographics ranging ages from dual-enrolled high school student to seniors.


There is a vast difference in the makeup of classmates that I have noticed from all around the world; all persuing their goals and pursuit for higher education.