Pensacola State College Top Questions

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My school allows for various racial backgrounds to be accepted school wide without segregation or prejudice from students or staff. For a state college, PSC is very much like a university in its involvement in honors societies and school clubs.


It has several different campus locations. This allows me to take classes that otherwise ii would have to take at a later time. It is also centrally located and is easily accessed.


Pensacola Junior College has small class sizes that allow maximum assistance from the very dedicated and talented instructors.


I think what makes Pensacola Junior Colllege a unique school is that it reminds me of being around family. Everyone who I came in contact with students, faculty members, and some professors, have treated me like I was part of thier family. Another reason I find my school unique. It seems that all the professor so far, for me, are willing to teach me the things I need until they feel I actually learn something. I feel they will not give up on a me are any student.


Pensacola Junior College takes pride in their students and their top priority is providing the tools necessary for students to succeed in completing their two year program and transferring to a university of their choice. Pensacola Junior College also provides second chances to students who have made poor academic progress in the past, so that they can continue on their path to achieve greatness and live out their dreams.


The professors are very helpful and knowledgeable.