Pensacola State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to learn how to study better. I wish I had known how to make notes from textbooks and what the teachers had said. I would want myself to not get used to study guides, cause generally professors don't give you one. I would want myself to not procrastiate on studying for tests and doing papers the day before they are due. Some transition advice would be to forget every rule in high school, because the teachers are better, the classmates are less competive, and that I should have found some way to reduce my stress.


Don’t trust those who seem trustworthy at first meeting. They may seem sweet but that doesn’t mean that they really are. Choose your friends carefully and take your time. Remember not to get distracted by the opposite sex! You come to college to get a higher education, not to find a future mate. If you find one while you are there, that’s great. However, it is not what you are searching for. Don’t let the attitudes of others toward you change your attitude. Keep a positive outlook. Many around you will not want to be at college, which will oftentimes mean that they will be depressed and even angry with the world. That’s their problem, not yours. Don’t take it personally. Don’t let the busyness of life interfere with making phone calls to your family. If you’re homesick, call them. It will relieve it somewhat. Oh, and remember what college is about. Number one: studying. But number two is just having fun. If you’re stressed out by school or simply brain-fried from studying, take a friend and enjoy yourself for an hour or so. It will help you so much!


I would tell myself that i should save up money for college and i should do better in high school so that i can qualify for better scholarships.


As someone who graduated from an online high school, I would tell my high school self not to be afraid to be rejected. My fear of social situations that left me neglected or judged led me to go to a high school where I did not get to experience the traditional high school experience (school dances, clubs, football games, spirit rallies). If I could tell my high school self anything, it would be to get out there and risk it all. If you would just put all that fear behind you and take a chance on someone or something, you would be able to excell in your social career and have more connections for your future. Traditional classroom college is amazing, and high school would have been very similar. It's not as bad as you thought it was! Don't be scared of rejection, because you're perfect the way you are and although not everyone will accept you, the ones who will are that much more special.


As a young child I was always very excited about learning new thing.I did not continous my learning.I would go in time.I would tell myself that you got to keep going.There is so much out their for you to know. I would push myself so ,and to get it through my thick head ,that there is so much in life when you have knowledge.The word knowledge mean that you can take control of your life.I would tell myself, look at how many poeples that you can help.Look at all of your friend peers family member that have gone astray.Look get that education that you need.With knowledge you can over come that fear that someone put in you.With knowledge I fear no man,that rise up against me. I had so manys thing taking from me,in high school.What education gave me noone can take my knowledge.Education have unleash the fire that with in me.I can talk to greatest or the smallest.I learn how to share what I know.I tell myself with the right education,I can give back to my peers.


I would tell myself to take as many classes as dual enrollement as possible. When you get to college it's nothing like highschool so don't overload yourself.


The advice that I would give myself could be to know more how to manege the time. In high School, nobody teach you how to manage your time and when you are in college you think that think are going to be as in High School. For example, in High School the assigmments are due by a week later, even due by in the same week, but in college some assigmments are due by months later, and you just relax thinking that you have so much time to do it, and just procastinate, so the best way is to have a notebook where you put all the asssigmments, and its due date. Another advise is to learn how to cited because in college no many teachers taught you that, and you have to start writing important papers and you can be plagirism by mistake. In conclusion, the best think to be succesful in college, and be prepare for it in High School is to know that everything that you learn there, it is going to help you step by step.


I would convince myself of the importance of having an education. That attending a college is easy a little hard work and study but the rewards are well worth the time and efforts put into it. Setting a great example for my future children is see the benifits and rewards for education. Education is the foundation for our futures without it we stand no chance of improving our world.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to apply to the all of the universities I was interested in (USC, University of Puget Sound, and Nevada) and major in Accounting. I chose to attend a community college and never obtained my degree. I didn't realize the importance of getting my degree before all of life's obligations began accumulating. I wanted to go to a four year university but I didn't. I was anxious to move out on my own and begin working. I didn't understand how, at 18, it was the optimal time to attend school because I didn't have a house payment or bills or a family to support. As I have lived, I have found a love of accounting and business which is why I am back in school working to obtain my bachelor's degree in accounting. Looking back I should have taken the opportunity to obtain my degree and that is what I would tell myself. "Apply to a university and get your degree in accounting NOW. Don't wait. It will be much harder in 20 years."


Dear me - Wake. Up. When everyone starts talking about college in the fall, don't ignore them because it's not something you want to think about. College is serious, so put on your big girl panties and seriously think about it - don't just apply to one college because all of your friends are going there and you're scared to go somewhere alone. You won't be alone, you'll make new friends. As for college itself - deep breath. It's not actually as bad as it seems. Yes, you'll be confused at first, but you'll get it figured out. MEET WITH YOUR COUNCILOR. These people are here to help you, dummy. They can actually make things easier for you - you don't need to run around like a chicken with its neck cut off trying to figure out your class schedule. Ask questions, even if you don't know what to ask. Just ASK. This will save you tons of heartache in the future. Last but not least - don't wear that sweatshirt. You know the one I'm talking about. And chin up - you'll do fine.


I would tell myself to work really hard, and apply early. save your money and if you want to go a way to school look for apartments or doems ahead of time and not the last minute. think smart, and wrok ahead of the class,instead of waiting on the teacher. make the teacher catch up to you.


“A”s don’t mean a whole lot if you don’t learn or retain anything, the skill of synthesizing ideas and facts into a coherent theory or writing of my own… the ability to think beyond what’s in a textbook, and to see the connections of dry facts to the world around you… is much more important than a 4.0 average in the grand scheme of things. And, If you don’t take risks, you will never reach your full potential, and you also won’t have much fun. “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” Risk and hard work pay off, mostly, and if they don’t, you will have still learned from the experience, or at least have become a horrible example to others!


I feel that I prepared myself to succeed on the college level. Of course there are things that I could never prepare for. Considering I do not know much about the college level, I am looking forward to seeing what the college experience offers me in life.


I have gotten out of my college experiene is growth and majority for diverse ideas and people. They have helped me become more knowledgable on diverse topics.


I have found that college is a whole different scene compared to high school. You must work hard and settle down once you are in college, otherwise you'll get passed up in a blink of an eye.


So far my college experience has benefited me in so many ways. It should be an experience everyone should go through so they can benefit from it and grow. I had a severe anxiety disorder when I started college. It was almost impossible to sit in my biology I class without freaking out. When I started in the art program at Pensacola State College my teachers came at me with a more relaxed approach. By talking with them and immersing myself in my art I have almost completely overcome my anxiety disorder. I could have gone to the doctor to get drugs to treat my anxiety, or seen a therapist every once in a while, but at Pensacola State College I have learned how to overcome anxiety and just relax! College is a great thing, and not only have I learned from it, but my own mental health and well-being have benefited. I now look forward to my future, meeting new people, and accelerating in life. I want to go on to do bigger and better things. I want to help change other's lives because college has changed mine.


I would tell myself to take education much more seriously. You will pay now or later. Better to study when your younger so it will be easier when your in college. Be serious. Everything you do affects your life . So make good choices and don't goof off in college because it can ruin you GPA and affect what you can major in.


If i could go back in time I would tell my self alot of different things., number one I would have wanted to take school a little more seriously then what i did freshman year, I played around my freshman year and did things just to fit in, but all in reality none of that even matters, eduacation is what i should of had my mind to. I would have joined alot of more clubs and try to strive for the highest i could get. I would just say take school very seriously because the harder you work the better it comes out for you and making you achieve you goals and be where you want to be.


I would advise myself to think more seriously on the aspect of a career choice. I would tell myself to start exploring options that were of interest to me. I would also save my money wisely with the intentions of using it towards college. I would also teach myself to have better study habits because the ones you have in high school usually will not change in college.


Mistakes bring wisdom, and there is only one thing I would relay to myself as a high school senior: FOCUS. I graduated high school with goals of doing 2 years for my RN and becoming an independent young nurse. I eventually started dating a man who turned abusive and I dropped out of school to leave him and returned home. After a while I moved back and received my NCMA at a different school and tried to re-enroll at the previous school and finish my RN. What I did not know was because I dropped out, I was not eligible for the financial aid that I was qualified for; and even though I tried to appeal my case, the school felt that I was still at risk of dropping out again despite explaining my situation and having more stability. I would have to pay for school out of pocket. I have redefined the word focus in my life. If I could give myself advice as a high school senior I would explain the importance of establishing myself in a career, transitioning from high school to real life is a big step and only you are responsible for staying focused.


If I could go back in time . I will find mself and warn myself not to slack off . I will tell myself about the check I would receive on graduation ."keep it in your account" . "dont move out", " get a job", "keep the job", and wait to date. i would remind my self how much i love school. So don't become distracted. College is everthig we thought it would be. Please get here and when you do stay here. Dont take that break, you will want to but say no! And wait on that apartment until after our college graduation. If you listen to me ,which I am you from the fucture you will be so happy we,you, me, did. This advice will make us twenty-one instead of twenty-nine when we graduate college.


Jessica, the best decision is only the one that feels right; whatever 'makes sense' about an opportunity doesn't guarantee it will make you happy. Never accept fear as a motivator to finish your education: in the end, your parents' acceptance and the money they have put out are not as important as how you will ultimately choose to live your life. You are a good person with beautiful ideas. Accept yourself first and then consider the guidance of others with caution. As fortunate as I have been thus far, by now I have been in and out of college with more attempted credits and earned. I harbor intense guilt and shame for not acting on what I thought was right, but what others thought was right for me. I can now say that the English language may be my talent, but illustration is and always was my passion. The immense investment that college education is should be made with a surer grip on the self. The financing and emotional fulfillment (as well as support) will neatly fall into place thereafter. Jessica, let education enhance what is already your passion; desperately digging for a new one hasn't worked.


If I could talk to myself when I was a senior in high school, the theme of my discussion would be of realizing my potential. Growing up by the beach, life's responsibilities could easily be set aside for the white sands and surf. I would stress to myself that the beach will be there long after I am gone. My decision to join the Army would not change. My experiences as an Infantryman opened my eyes to a vast and wonderful world. These experiences helped me in the classroom, allowing me to be more aware of the importance of what I am trying to accomplish. I would make sure to outine the different avenues to search for the vast number of scholarships, grants, and loans available to me. Coming out of high school the first time, I did not research or actively look for ways to pay for college, aside from the military. Finally, a great deal of effort and time would be spent on the importance of studying and taking effective notes. Complete notes and providing yourself with ample time to study are vital steps to college success.


I would have told myself, Latwanda you need to hardwork and study hard and the results can only be great. College should be a place to build a foundation to go on accomplish great things. Also, try to be the best student and person that you can be and the rest will fall into place.


Don't give up on your dream because someone tells you that you cannot succeed. It is harder to return to school after leaving than it is to tough it out and persevere. There is no one who will take care of you properly except for you. Your continued education is a responsibility that you have to yourself, which is just as important as a responsibility towards others. Your future is your responsibility and no one elses.


Do not jump straight in with the idea you know everything and the direction you wish to go. Take the first year to do your core and then decide the major. Do not be afraid of the campus, professors, registration, or of anything! Everyone there is to help you. This isn't high school where you are required by law to attend. This is where people who want to succeed go. They attend out of desire, not out of obligation. My question to you, do you want to just be another number or do you want to matter? Community college is a good way to go. It's inexpensive and when you complete your Associate's degree it can transfer to a 4 year college as your first two years already completed. At half the price! It's the same classes, just a different location and price tag. And the job market today isn't so much of what school you went to, but if you completed school, the degree you sought, and what you have gotten out of it to apply and benefit your employeer. Good luck, and remember to breathe!


What ever you do do not quit taking classes until you have a least obtained a bachlors degree. Entering into college after high school a lot of material and information is fresh i n your mind. It is easier to build on the information you have at this point in your life than to revist it twenty years later. At this time in you life there are less comittments and you are better able to dedicate the neccessaty time and energy to your studies. Not to mention the increase in fees that will occur over this period of time. So take my advise , stay focused and work hard and you will succeed!


Going back to my senior year, where I always wanted everything to just flow easy and come to me. It was like living a dream and entering college woke me up. I would have the senior me wake up early and tell her that everything does not just come to you have to work for what you want in life. college can be stressful you have to get your work done and pay attention no one is going to call you to the front of the class to tell you that you can do better than this or to beg you to do your work. College is a lot to work for plus the cost, you end up juggling school, work and you relationships. You have to get your priorities straight and that is easier to do when you are in high school rather than figuring it out on your own. This is the advice that I would give myself back in my senior year of college.


I would tell my self to chose a college where it is not boring, and where you have people you know there with you.


Although attending college is a time for fun and enlightenment, remember to stay focused and organized. Set your goals, keep them in site and stay on track.


I think that if I had the opportunity to go back in time and give myself advice and knowledge about the transition into college I could have far more chances of preparing for success. In my situation I joined the Air Force and prepared myself for the future financially, but knowing now I could have found and used a scholarship for education. This way I could have finished with college much sooner. One other reason that I would have been able to help myself is deciding my career and ending all questions about where and when to attend school. The ablility to be completey sure about decisions and having ease of mind with these decisions makes all the difference in being prepared and confident with the decisions with school. Being set up correctly and having the right state of mind would set myself up for success in my senior year of college and that is what I would have told myself.


If I could go back to my senior year and give myself advise about college know what I know now I would tell myself to study like I never have before. I would also tell myself to pay attention to what the teacher is saying about what I need to know to pass the class and not have my imagination drop ideas for stories that I would end up writing non-stop leaving my studies locked in a closet and passing my class on pure and simple luck. I'd also tell myself to relax when taking the tests knowing that college tests are significally more difficult than high school tests.


Knowing what I know now, I would definitely tell my high school senior self that the "parents or advisors will handle it for me" mentality doesn't work in college. Procrastination will burry you when you get to college. There is always a deadline coming up and you can't just sit around and wait till just before a deadline to do something in college. Also, you have to study, study, and study. College professors don't always assign homework or other things to promote outside-of-class study, so it is up to you to make sure you understand everything and practice it outside of class. Study groups are a great way to help with that. Don't be afraid to ask your professor for help outside of class as well. College professors are much more busy than high school teachers and they don't have enough time to make sure each students understands everything by themselves. You need to approach them if you need help so that they know and can help. Finally, always go to class. Unless you have a good reason to miss class, go to every class or it will come back and hurt you.


Apply for every kind of free help and classes needed as soon as the first day you can comes.


To believe in yourself and persevere.


I would tell myself to inroll in dual enrolment, and take college courses while in high school, so i could finish my AA faster.


If I could go back, I would just remind myself to never take a break. College is expensive. There's no time to be joking around. Yes, college is supposed to be the best years of a person's life. But when a scholar is in the classroom, he or she must be focused at all times. I would of just told myself to not stop working. Work hard every time I do my school work. I would of told myself be humble because not many people are able to go to college. I would of told myself how lucky I am to be in college and how I must take advantage of the resources and higher education I have in college.


Be friendly and be friends with lots of people. Having a good relationship with people is better for your future.


Enroll in dual enrollment. Try my hardest to get a 4.0 so i can get a full ride scholership to the university of my choice.

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