Pensacola State College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how to cite APA properly. I wish I had known more about how the colleges work and what to do with them.


i wish i had known about their on campus scholorships, and that with certain courses you can pass with only particular majors


I wish I knew more about the teachers before I had started going to school there.


I wish that I had known and learned early on that college wasn't not place to play around and not do your best, that it was a place to build a foundation to help you live out your dreams. I had the attitude when I first started college that I could study a little and get by. That way of thinking came back to bite me later on. But I wouldn't have gave anything for this experience because it made me a better student and not to take my education for granted.


Where all my classes were


That would've cost this much.

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