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What do students complain about most?

A big complaint is the lack of variety of Caf food, which has actually been recently expanded since the addition of a late-night kitchen in the Howard A. White Center (lovingly referred to as the HAWC), which serves fresh-to-order pastas, "small plates" like sliders and nachos, and desserts like brownie sundays. With the expanded menu in both the HAWC as well as the Caf (in which there's been slowly-increasing variety) vegetarians also are being offered more options to fill their tummies. As I mentioned elsewhere, a small group complains of the university's non-stance on LGBT issues (as the administration does not officially recognize the LGBT group), but this is not a wide-spread Pepperdine undergrad issue, as many students are not tuned in to such university policies. Take from that what you will. A liberal may complain of their minority status to conservative colleagues, a nutritional science major may complain of the monopoly of the courses by the puddle of four professors (the main professor doubling as the head of the department--she is a helpful councilor but a TERRIBLE teacher), but an average student complains of the cost of their private education and the isolation of the campus.

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