Pfeiffer University Top Questions

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It is in a rural setting, where as other schools I applied to were more urban. This school is a small private methodist university, as opposed to other schools that I considered which were large public universities. Pfeiffer is unique to other schools because although it is a small university, there is a strong sense of belonging to a family. There are no sororities or fraternities at this school. Although this may seem unappealing to some students, I think this helps to unite the student body at Pfeiffer as a whole community.


This is a very small school, which means there is a low professor to student ratio. The class sizes are small so professors can devote more time to individual students. The campus is small so you can take more credit hours than at a big school. The school is not centered on religion but people are very accepting of different religions here.


the size, I came from a very small high school., and Pfeiffer was a small scholl and the sutdents are so nice and I love the fact that it is a methodist based church.