Pfeiffer University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


My complaints about Pfeiffer are minimal and particular. Sometimes certain classes and electives are not offered every semester or even every year, so sometimes scheduling can be difficult to fully accomodate a student athlete such as myself. Tuition is icnreasing and will continually do so each year. Although I do recieve some financial aid, I will still graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in debt.


The location there isn't much to do


I'd have to say that the worst thing about my school would have to be the food. It isn't at all like the home cooking I would get if i was home. The food at my school seems to have no flavor. The students at the school I attend like to joke around saying that cardboard taste better then the food served in the caf. However, no matter how bad the food is a truely would not change anything about the school i attend.


It is in a small town in the middle of nowhere


They don't adjust the temperature very well. The temperature is adjusted as a whole and they have a tendency of heating the room when its hot and turning the heat off when its cold.


Most of the dorms are in bad shape and the food is not that healthy and it's hard to eat at Pfeiffer if you are a vegetarian or vegan