Pfeiffer University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I was born in the United States, in the university town of Boone, NC; but I have always lived in Spain (Barcelona), born from Spanish parents (mother English teacher, father basketball coach). All my life I have been preparing myself for the moment of attending College in the United States, borth for academic and athletics reasons. I want to major in Business, but also prepare for Law School; and play basketball at the NCAA level in the States. I prepare the recquired exams (SAT,TOEFL) as well as trained to be the best basketball player I could be (gym, practice, weight lifting, mentality). My personal experience tells me that if you work hard, you can dream and achieve your dreams. Everything I have ever wished for, I have achieved. This is the best lesson I can carry with me, and it is always on my mind. Working hard, sweating, is the key to success. For me, it has always been. I hope I always remember, and can carry this key with me.


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior-self, I would tell myself to work hard in all of my classes. I would tell myself tis because, the first year of college was very hard for me. I did not transition very well because my high school never really prepared me for college life. I would tell myself to be sure and make a lot of friends and get more involved on campus. I tell my self this because making friends and getting involved on campus is important to doing well socially and academically. I make it a point to tell myself to make sure you do not fall behind and always talk with you professors about how you doing in all of your classes. I would tell the senior me to make certain to keep up with all of the assignments and when they are due in every class. I would tell myself to do my very best in all that do because you will be thankful that you did. I would also tell myself to read more because reading the material that is assigned is very important in all of you classes at Pfeiffer.


I would tell myself to put fourth the maximum effort I could in high school, because this would have allowed for me to get more financial aid and scholarships potentially. I would tell myself to prepare to become extremely self sufficient and get the msot out of every experience available at Pfeiffer. I would tell myself not to be nervous, and to enjoy these years while I can because they are going by fast!


I've made many life-long friends and have became very knowledgable in my fields of study (BUAD, MATH and CIS). Pfeiffer has prepared me to easily and successfully enter the field of my choice. I also have many professors who have had much experince in their fields which makes degree-application very feasible.


Most people know the maxim, ?youth is wasted on the young.? Like most things that are given to us we do not appreciate the gift until it is gone. Youth is a gift truly appreciated by someone looking back on their life. I was a high school senior in 1983. I was ready to enter the ?real world? without the benefit of further education. While there is always time for college, college is not the same when you are a ?non-traditional? student. I have to miss many extra-curricular activities because I chose not to go to college earlier; I have other responsibilities that make it impossible to participate in the many fun student activities. While I am enjoying the learning process and the chance to do what I left undone, I regret not being able to experience the full gamut of activities directed towards those ?traditional? students: staying in dorms, bowling parties, and carefree evenings spent with friends. If I were able to turn back the clock and do it again, I would tell myself, ?Get to college and experience the whole enchilada! Enter the real world one step at a time, instead of falling in head first.?


I would tell myself to stop being lazy. You need to take the SAT again and study harder. Don't waste your time at the barn. The horse's can wait! Stop wasting your time with people that won't help or be there for you later. You study and take the harder classes. Challenge yourself while it's free! Apply to more colleges and go check them out. Don't just settle with your first choice. You need to look around and make sure you want to go to this school. Maybe go and stay for a class or to. Also, don't worry about your boyfriend it most likely last. So worry about what will help you in the future.


I would probably warn myself about some of the people that i met in college, possibly so i would not get stuck in the wrong crowd, becasue if I would have known the true personality of people from the beginning of college I wouldn't have ended up in some of the situations i was in.


I would tell myself to follow my dreams, not someone else's and never quit.


If I were to go back in time I would not have much advice for myself. I would tell my past self to continue studying the same way I did for AP Biology. I would probably try to convey how bad procrastinating on assignments is, especially on papers. Also, I would affirm how chapter summaries and online resources are some of the best tools for keeping my grades up. Most importantly I would try to emphasize how my past self should go out and about. Go out, make friends, and live outside of the classroom.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to get involved more on campus and do more extra curricular activities. I would also tell myself to pay attention more in my high school classes that i knew i would need when i came to college. I would tell myself to have fun and not be so shy. As a college student now there are so many things that i regret not doing. The things that would help me now are the ones that get at me most now. They were things like not participating in school events and not helping when i had the opportunity to. Also, there were sports that i should have done but i never did becausse i was affraid people would judge me. I wish that i would have done better in a lot of my classes and studied more, becauses being college i am just starting to learn the effective study habits for myself. I should have learned this as a freshman in high school, but i put it off. There are so many things i wish i could change from high school.


During that search for that "perfect" college for you, keep in mind that college experiences are different for everyone so the colleges your friends attend may or may not be the right college for you. Visit colleges and go on campus tours and maybe even sit in during a class to experience the classroom atmosphere. It is important to feel comfortable at your college, especially in your learning environment and class size may or may not be a factor when making your college decision. Ask questions during campus tours, including negative questions such as, "What is your least favorite part about this college?", in order to get the best overall outlook on a particular college. Research the area surrounding the college and be sure it fits your lifestyle.


I would advise taking in consideration all things you want to be able to do with college; your future, your current financial situation, how you want to live while in college, and if you want to work through college. Before deciding on a college, talk to the administrators, find out what the campus is like from the faculty standpoint, then visit the campus and find out what it's like from a students standpoint. Research the area and the history of the school and make sure it's a place you would really want to associate yourself with. Don't pass up the community college experience; it's cheaper, and if you haven't figured out what you want to major in, you can get your core classes out of the way while you decide.


to find the right school you need to first find the place that has a program that you think you would like to study. then you need to find the envierment that sutes you. you only get one college experience. to make the most of it you need to make the most of it


TO go someplace that feels right to you, dont go somewhere where all your friends are going and you dont like go where you want. And go somewhere where your major is.


In order to find the right college you need to not only look at recomendations online, but you should also visit the campus. You never really know what the school is like until you've walked on it and talked to students and staff at that University.


I would advise each person to have the ability to understand their level of discipline and commitment to their desired goals. Dont attend a college that requires strict guidelines if you are not mature enough to be discipled and committed.


Choosing a college is a difficult decision. When finding the perfect college, you really have to dig deep down into yourself to think about what kind of experience you are looking for as a student. Visiting college is an importat step in the process of making a college choice. When you visit a campus, do you feel welcome there? Could you close your eyes and picture yourself walking through campus, living in the dorms or eating in the cafeteria? To find the right college, you need to keep in mind your social, political, and religious needs as well. If a college does not offer areas in which will satisfy the needs you have, you might want to check out a different college! To make most of your college experience, you just need to be yourself, and yet open to new ideas! College is about growing and learning- physically, emotionally and mentally! While the decision on choosing what college to attend may seem frightening, once you have made your way on campus, it will change your life!


Join clubs or sports and get involved it will be great in the loing run. Also fill out lots of scholarship giveaways college is expensive. and get god grades, don't waste money


A person cannot choose a college based on the success of a sports team, or the prestige of any other activity. Students should choose a college only after they get a chance to visit and experience the college for themselves. What the students and parents see on paper is not necessarily what they are going to get at a college. It is better to know exactly what one is getting themselves into before they take that leap of faith that they made the right choice. It is much easier to be confident in a decision once there has been more than just research; it takes a one-on-one experience with the school to know if it is right for the student. Once the student decides on a school, that is when they can look more into the sports and activities of the school. It is good to get involved with at least one thing when starting at a new school. Any more than one activity is likely to push a student to their limit.


I would tell them to find a school that makes them feel like a person, not a number. Make sure the school you want to attend has the major you want and the activites you want as well. Visit the school first if you dont like it, then dont go. Adjusting to college is hard for parents and their child so most people try and find a school with a reasonable driving distance. Iam so happy with my choice of Pfeiffer University the school is small and the people are friendly. Good Luck in finding your dream school!!