Phagans School of Hair Design-Portland Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my senior year in high school and give myself advice I would have several things to say. First, it would be JUST DO IT! Do not try to find a faster way to get through the program or try to find another program. I would say just get the pre requisite classes done and get on the waiting list. The sooner you do the sooner you will get into the program. Second, would be do not take biology while taking Radiology classes. You can do it, but you will be less stressed if you just take them before you start the program. Last piece of advice I would give myself would be to not buy a brand new car or truck or home. Keep the least amount of debt possible because you will be living on one income while in school and money is tight. These three things would be the best advice I could give myself if I could go back.


All my life, I have been very quiet and shy. Talking and meeting with new people was at the top of the list of things that scared me most. Throughout high school, I daily struggled with my fear; hating myself for not putting myself “out there;" pushing my comfort zone. Since I have attended college here at Corban University, I have grown so much in personal ways. I have pushed myself to talk, visit and converse. With this, I have met and befriended some of the most wonderful people. It came to the point where I realized that being comfortable in my own skin and ignoring what people thought of me was my own choice. In short, I wish I had realized this in high school and stepped forward, introduced myself to people around me and walked with confidence. Going back in time to my high school days, I would tell myself to “just do it!” Just say hi; be yourself; put yourself out there. When you do, you will be more at ease and less anxious. Spending your days in a place where everyone is a stranger isn’t enjoyable; it doesn’t make the most of your time.