Philadelphia University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Philadelphia University is best known for its architecture and fashion programs. It was previously named Philadelphia College of Textiles. My school has much pride in its architecture, fashion, and textile programs. The school contains many design centers throughout the campus as well as many design shoes throughout the academic school year. Philadelphia University also has many well- known professors with abundant experience in their industry.


I believe that my school is best known for Fashion Design and or Textiles. My school represent creativity and orginality. My school gives you a good experience in those fields whether its study aboard or visiting different sites having to do with your major.


This school is best known for it's classes in the fashion, design, and health sciences industry. As the faculty and staff say this is a professional school.


Its History.


Respectively, Philadelphia University was known as one of the best Textiles Schools to go to back in the day; however, today Philadelphia University has a great Architecture department, a growing and very popular Industrial Design department and an even rapidly growing medical and business area. Even so, it offers a great oppurtunity for students to learn in small and very concentrated classes while not sacrificing the level of education. Many of the professors are well established architects/professionals in their fields and teach at Philadelphia University because they want to.


My school is known for the textiles department. It is also known for the Physician Assitant program.


textiles and engineering departments


Philadelphia University is know for its design focus. Majority of majors pertain to the design field; architecture, fashion design, industrial design, graphic design, and interior design, we do however also have business, pre med, and psychology. We are a small campus that focuses on the needs of the students and our small town atmosphere is an incentive to the community. Our location definately contributes a positive quality, with a close nit community just outside the city, but yet close enough to the city for urban needs.