Philadelphia University Top Questions

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The community. So many other students are willing to help you and give you the insider route. It is easy to feel welcome and tackle the challenges that being a college student brings because you have an impeccable support system.


Well my school is located in a suburban type area, sorrounded by many trees and land, but is close enough to be in the city. We are also so unique becasue we have a great design program and the teachers are so understanding. More importantly our basketball team coach is in the division 2 hall of fame, for the most wins ever.


This school was substancely smaller than the majority of the other schools i applied to.


I would have to say the campus size as It is not to big nor to small. The campus size provides the students with the opportunity to get the one on one support from professors, the students become familiar with the campus and others students that live on campus.


its a textile and design school


It has my major (Digital Animation), which not alot of schools have. Its close enough to home that I would be able to come home on the holdays easily. It also has some of the extra-curricular activities that I am considering.


very artsy


My school is very small and surrounded by the city and woods at the same time.


Philadelphia University is a Professional University with a strong emphasis on Liberal Arts. While it is a small school, there is much diversity in its programs ranging from business, design, architecture, to science.


class size is very small so you really get to know other classmates in the same program and professors know you on a more personal level


Everyone knows each other like a tight knit community and everyone knows each other's course-load.


Philadelphia University is unique to other schools because of its rigourous work ethics. The students and faculty at Philadelphia University are proud to drop this name as the place they attend (work) because of how the students are able to back this name up. The work and atmosphere we create allows the students to express their own personalities while still a part of the community.


Philadelphia University Fashion Merchandsing program offers a business degree as well as a fashion degree.


It is a very prestigous school and a smaller atmosphere with smaller classes making the one on one with professors a great chance and learning ability to what you want out of your educational career. It is more of a tighter knit community and that's what makes it so great; to know a lot of the students that go to the school and what their views are and their cultural differences.