Philadelphia University Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


Here at PhilaU we offer a large variety of sports to suit the likes and preferences of everyone. We have the basics such as soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, and basketball. But we also have things such as Track and Field, lacrosse, and even a rugby team. Overall, I would have to say that the most popular sport on campus is basketball. Our men's basketball team is supported and cheered by everyone here, and our basketball games always get pretty intense and packed. Our coach, Herb Magee has reached the number one spot of the coach with the most amount of wins in the NCAA and he is pretty much like a hero around here. Even for those who don't play a sport, or those who don't seem to be interested in the sports scene at school, an upcoming basketball game seems to bring out the pride and school spirit in all of us!


Unfortunately, we do not have a football team because of our small size. However, we go crazy with other sports to make up for it. Soccer and basketball are huge here. During the fall, everyone will gather at the soccer field, and during the winter, the gym will be packed with basketball/Herb fans. We have several rallies throughout the year, especially during the basketball season because of all the awards Coach Magee has been receiving lately. The spring is ruled mostly by baseball and softball. Our sports teams are pretty darn good, especially our cross country team, who has more banners in the gym than I can count.