Philadelphia University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Classes are very informative; you will think you know something but you really don't. They will get all the boring details and make them recent which helps. I was not a history person until I took classes at PhilaU.


Classes offered at PhilaU are very interesting and informative. Everyone has different interests, and the major (and even minor) you chose will reflect those interests and capabilities. The school offers a large variety of majors, minors, and concentrations, and each of these include classes that will be interesting, insightful, and sometimes not what you would expect. As a historical preservation student, I have taken, and are currently taking, some classes where I wasn't sure what exactly to expect. But they always managed to surprise me in a positive way. I'm always learning new things and important information that will prove to be very beneficial to my future endeavors.


Classes have around 10-30 students per classroom as you get more specific to your major you tend to have less students in your class. You get a good amount of work for your core classes but most of your liberal art classes don't really overload your workload. Your core classes are challenging and get you ready for the real world.


As a senior, my classes are very intense, and heavily focused on my major. I really enjoyed some of my basic courses because they allowed me to work with students from other majors and learn different ways of thinking. The best part of being a senior, is that you have first choice when it comes to registering for classes, so you can better pick times and professors that suit you. Overall, the class sizes are relatively small, especially when you get into your core courses for your major. I have only ever had one large lecture class with around 70 students; however, the professor still did his best to offer personal assistance when asked.


Small personal environment, Conversational, Discussion, Hands on, Group Activities, Lots of Interactions


Most of my classes are core science course,like biochemistry and genetics, but I am taking Latin America Area Studies and Creative Writing which are both awesome classes. I especially enjoy my Creative Writing course because it's allowed me to polish my poetry skills-something that lab reports don't quite facilitate.