Philadelphia University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How amazing the environment is. It has a very social campus full of well rounded adults who will reach out and lend a helping hand. There always something to do here, never a dull moment.


I value the quality of education, class meeting times, projects, portfolios, and papers that I have completed and learned at the university. I have also learned to know more about my professors on a deeper, more meaningful level as they share with students their viewpoints on life, education, and expertise. Because of unique professors at Philadelphia University, I have discovered my passion and learned to love and value myself as a person and as a student. I have also earned a great internship opportunity because of the knwoledge that I have gained at Philadelphia University. THANK YOU.


I study psychology at the most beautiful, park-like school just outside the city. Although we are largely a design school, there are excellent psychology, PA, and business programs to name a few. The people are amazing, the professors knowledgable, and everyone is willing to help or answer a question. I am having the best time of my life and meeting wonderful peers and professionals. We always have free (and quality) entertainment, such as comedians, magicians, casino nights, etc. We are also located close to public transportation, so a trip into the city or to other Philadelphia colleges is accessible.


My school assists in any way possible to support and direct students in their journey toward degree completion. This is best accomplished through very small class sizes and knowledgeable professors dedicated to serving the needs of students. Opportunities available due to proximity to a very large city offer excellent examples of architecture relevant to my major. The city provides cultural benefits and sports venues as well. Philadelphia University has helped me to grow and develop into a well-rounded individual who can contribute to the college community.




The food, the beauty of the campus and its up-keep, and the closeness to the city.


That they have a great architecture program, where employers in Philadelphia go first when seeking to hire, so their relatively new engineering program is sure to follow in the architecture program's footsteps.


I brag mostly about the Design aspect of my school. We are mostly all design majors who express ourselves creatively. It's a great experience being around students who share the late nights and heavy workloads. With the small campus size and its location in a West Philadelphia suburb, it feels like a very safe campus within minutes from a busy city full of entertainment. I also brag about the small class sizes. I have 8 students in my main Design class, and in regular academic I have from 14-25 students in each class.


I don't brag about anything.