Philadelphia University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing is learning to manage the heavy work load with a social life. As a fashion design major, most of my time is spent sewing and I needed to learn to plan my scedule around my work and remeber that all of my hard work will pay off in the end.


I wanted to engage myself in the "full college experience", but I feel that I am unable to do so because of the people I am surrounded by here at Philadelphia University. So I would say that the worst thing about my school are my fellow students, because I expected more out of my college experience than what I have been given up to this point. It is as if everyone has made friends, and joined their "cliques" and they do not feel the need to make friendly conversations with me, so I am almost always alone.


To me, the school fits my needs in every way. It's small, close to home, and has a park-like feel close to the city. It also has an amazing architecture program and both classical and modern architecture on campus. The food is decent and I feel really safe. However, the intersection which divides the campus has had numerous crashes and close-calls. Drivers go way too fast and have been rude to pedestrians in the past. Also, since the school's area is small for the number of students, there isn't a lot of on-campus housing.


It could be a bit more ethnically diverse... Also, Financial aid could be more helpful to needy students.


It actually depends on the individual however if I were to consider a bad aspect of my school is that majority of the students leave and go home on the weekend. As a part os student government we are working on a project that will encourage students to stay on campus getting the students more engaged.


Financial Aid office, they are rude and unhelpful


I wouldnt know i havent started yet.


The ability to respond quickly to students about questions pertaining financial aid and registration. The evaluation and experience of the teachers, as well as their somewhat questionable enthusiasm for the subject.


The worst thing about Philadelphia University is the bathroom situation. As a freshman I live in a dorm with about 90 other girls sharing one bathroom. There are five toilet stalls on our main floor and then we have to go up a floor to be able to take a shower. Not only are there only a limited amount of toilets and showers but they never seem to be clean. To make Philadelphia University that much better I suggest they do something about the bathroom situation for freshman.


The worst thing about my school is the social life because people cling together as if we have cliques so there is never complete unity in activities.


The worst thing about the school is the size. They are trying to increase the number of students but you feel like you are in high school with all the gossip and drama.


Lack of Diversity, Small Campus, Expensive


The growth in the school right now is so much that the facilities and staff struggle to accomodate the increased demand. Lack of space for new equipment, and poor upkeep on equipment are frustrating in the engineering program.


Strict progression of major, no advancement is allowed based on skills already posessed.


The worst thing about Philadelphia University is the parking issue. The number of parking permits that are given out exceed the amount of spots on campus!


The class schedules are inconvient and required classes often conflict with each other, making scheduling a chore each sememster. Financial aid doesn't award enough for off campus housing around here, which means that commuter students often have to live farther from campus or have multiple roommates. Philadelphia University is located in a very nice neighborhood, but that means that rent is quite expensive close to school, and there aren't many choices close by. Most of the on-campus housing is old and out of date, but the dining halls are quite nice.