Philadelphia University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I am not aware of stereotypes.


I think there is a general stereotype about private universities in general that does not apply to Philadelphia University. Students come from a range of places, with varying backgrounds, and contrasting interests that meld together to create an interesting dynamic on campus.


I don't think that as a whole PhilaU has a stereotype. For example, I know sometimes some schools are known as "party schools," thus making it seem like all everybody does there is party, but this is not the case at PhilaU. Now when it comes to the individual, I think there will always be stereotypes everywhere we go. People will see the science kids as "nerdy," or the fashion girls as "dumb," and so on. But I feel like these stereotypes are never true. There is so much more to a person that what is portrayed by how they dress or what major they are, the best thing is to try to get to know people before judging them first.


The main stereotype of students at Philadelphia University is that we are a fashion and architecture students. This is mainly because we have a well known architecture program and the University used to be called Philadelphia Textiles and our fashion program is also well known. Today this is not accurate however. While we do have a great fashion programs and a great architecture program, we have come a long way, especially as of late. Our business program is constantly getting better and more recognized, especially our 5 year accelerated MBA program. Our Physician Assistant program is also very recognized and is ranked in the top 2 in the state and 18th in the country. The school is constantly increasing all of its accademic programs and becoming a more well rounded university all together.


I would say the stereotype would be that their are a lot of gays and not very intelligent girls. I would say their are a lot of gays but just as many on other college campus'. And stereotype that the girls here are dumb is completely false, we hold our own and get equally the same grades as the male students.


One stereotype is that the design student and non-design student don't interact. This is incredibly inaccurate. It is often the case where you befriend people outside of your major.


Our school is a BIG design school, so being able to be innovative is something that comes natually to a lot of students here. Even students who aren't in a design major, such as bussiness or pre-med, are even innovative within those feilds as well. I always feel like the people, ciriculum, and atmosphere at our school is "up and coming". :-)


Kidding... because we are a fashion school, the majority of our students could be labeled as "fashionistas". However, this does not accurately represent the student population. We have a large variety of students and majors, which helps create a diverse campus.