Philadelphia University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Philadelphia University is a dream come true. Everything you expect of college but in a small way. You get to know your peers and professors. The relationships you make will be long lasting.


We are very independent and strive for "Power to Do". Being a student at this school creates a mindset and atmosphere of becoming mini entrepreneur. There are so many options within the school to help us get our foot through the first door necessary to build our success. We are very driven, motivated and ambitious. We are also friendly quirky and quite interesting. Our school is very personable. We are right outside the city so it allows us to focus more on our work but we are only a hop skip and a jump away into that city life.


I think PhilaU is a great school, but this can also be said of many other schools. I think what is most important during a college search is to find the school that is right for you. I think I got really lucky with PhilaU, because although I didn't know too much about it when I came here, it ended up being the right fit for me. I don't think PhilaU is super small, I think it is just right. I love that it is small enough that all my classes are probably less than 15 students, but big enough that I don't know every person that comes here. By having the small class sizes, one really gets the chance to get to know the professor, and it allows the professor to know the student, know what they're working on, and know they're stenghts and weaknesses. I also love the campus and the setting of the school. We are located basically in the suburbs in a quiet and calm area and we have a very quaint, picturesque campus; however, we are only about a 15 minute drive into center city Philadelphia, so we also have the advantage in being part of the city life.


Overall, I love Philadelphia University. One of the best things is the fact that we are a smaller university. Our class sizes average around 16 students and you don't ever have more than about 30 students in a class. This keeps the student-faculty relationship closer than that of a larger university and lets students ask questions during classes. The only thing I would honestly change is increasing the amount of student parking. Another great thing is the location. Around PhilaU it isn't a college-town but the locals generally like our students. We are in a rural setting but are just a short distance away from center city. Teachers are very helpful as are our numerous offices such as the study abroad office, career services, and the learning and advising center. The small school aspect keeps the school community closer and proud to be a member of the university.


There is no surprise that our school is located in the City of Brotherly Love! But, because of its residential location and small class size, PhilaU makes one of the largest cities in the nation feel like home! I truly enjoy the natural landscape along with te view of the city skyline! PhilaU makes it so easy to feel like you belong!


Philadelphia University is much different than any other school I visited. It has the small college experience in a big city, which allows the entertainment of a big city take over your night life yet the one on one experience with teacher guide your daily life.


I love our campus and overall environment. We are in Philly, but not so close to center city that we don't have plenty of quiet, green spaces. I love Philadelphia and the experience of Philadelphia that you get being at PhilaU is well-balanced with your schoolwork.


I have a list of thing I like about this school! The campus size is awesome because there will never be a face that you haven't seen before. No one is a stranger. The closeness to downtown Philly is awesome. Hop on the bus or train and in a half an hour you are downtown. Always stuff to do downtown! The administration faculty isn’t phantoms! I love seeing the president, President Spinelli, hanging about campus..even at the gym!!!


Really, this school was just right for me because it is small, so the class sizes are never over 25 and the professor really knows who you are, you will never just be a number in an auditorium. At the same time its also not so small that everyone knows eachother, I am still meeting new people in my senior year here. The campus is scenic, but so close to the city that it makes the best of everything. I always found it perfect for what i was looking for.


I could not be any happier then right here. The school size is perfect for me, the class size is perfect considering that the professors here know me by name and not by a number, and they get personal with you. If you miss a class due to sickness, they will actually ask you the next day how your feeling and if it going to be a awhile to get over with, they will send you the work you need to pass the class. Sometimes I even have dinner at my professors house with other students to just talk about whats going on.


I love the campus here - it's always beautiful. I think the small size of the school is really great if you want to have the chance to get to know your professors better and have a more personalized classroom experience. Professors have connections to the job world, and they can offer you positions or write awesome letters of recommendation because you get the chance to show them how you work up close instead of being a number in a lecture hall. If you run into them on campus they know your face and they'll say hi. I spend a lot of time in Kanbar, our student center, because it's a great central place for people to meet. There's always lots going on. If I had to change anything, I'd give us a football team so we could go to games in the fall. Overall, I have loved my time here so far!


Honestly, I could not be happier. I am a senior this year, and while I am excited to be graduating, part of me wishes I could spend just one more year here... I fell in love with the campus during my first visit; I strongly encourage you to set up a tour!