Philadelphia University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are someone who is very enevolved in watching sports teams, wanting to go to a large school, someone who is not open minded, and someone who is not only going to school to party.


A so-called "partier" should not attend this school. The university is small, and students come here to succeed and really work hard. Also, as a disclaimer, the school is not located in the heart of the city - you have to take a train or bus to get there. I recently had a friend who transferred out of this school because it just didn't have a city vibe. Sure enough, the campus is close to the city, but a prospective student who is looking to be in the center of all the night-life, might be disappointed.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who is looking for a basic degree who has a low income. The amount of money spent at this school is only worth it for the accredited professional design degrees. The general classes are easy and can be aquired at any community college.


Students who are not passionate about pursuing life goals and striving to do their best will not be successful at Philadelphia University. Students must possess a strong work ethic, creativity, and the ability to be confident in one’s abilities. Students who would not feel comfortable in an urban atmosphere might not function successfully at this university due to public transportation, ethnic cultures, and urban congestion.


There is really no type of student that wouldn't want to attend Philadelphia University. It's liberal, diverse, and if a prospective student has a uniqueness about them no matter how great or little, they would love it here.


This school is not a very big party school. For students who want to party a lot and drink a lot, this school is not ideal.


African-american students who seek a heavily diverse campus and an overall race-accepting atmosphere.


not interested in design or business and engineering related majors. looking for school sprirt or greek life


Really anyone, we have art, design, business, engineering, health, science, environmental, we basically have everything and with that many different types of poeple!


Philadelphia University accomodates a large variety of personalities, their programs range from fashion design to pre-med. There isn't a specific "kind of person" who shouldn't attend Philadelphia University. It's students are largely diverse in cultural background and self expression, those who might think they shouldn't attend this school should at least give it a chance, because it is always worth a try, and they might be surprised at what they find.


Someone who is not motivated and commit to their education.


Philadelphia University is geared for those who push themselves to better their futures. If you are not positive about your goals towards your future, you may want to consider those questions first. This is a competitive school in which you must want to be here and you have to put everything towards wanting the education your in route for, otherwise your just wasting the time of the students who do want this education and taking time from the professors that are there for us to benefit from. You need to be dedicated, creative, and overall openminded.


People who do not like to know everyone in their classes


A person who shouldn't attend this school is one who doesn't have good time management. With as many as four projects on my plate sometimes due the same or near the same day, there is a lot of stress that can only be managed with good timing. Also, if you are not up for a challenge, you will not be able to survive...unless you want to take business or fashion merchandising. A true design major is extremely challenging and most teachers won?t give you higher than a B in order to keep you striving for more.


Philadelphia University is not for the individual who approaches college with the preconceived idea that the main objective of attending college is simply to get a degree.


Philly U is really for anybody who wants to learn and broaden their horizons.


A person that is free-spirited, open-minded and not coming to school just for parties and booze. While parties, drugs, booze, and that type of thing are plentiful, that is nowhere near what defines this school as a school. Generally speaking, a student makes more friends in the classroom then they do at parties here and we don't have to put up with fraternities or freshman talking about how "bombed" they were the night before. Students are free to create their own identity for this school and not accepting one that is perceived by the masses.


Someone who is looking for a party every night and doesn't want to have to do any work for their degree. Yeah, some is necessary but if you're not laid back don't.


Somebody who does not want to go beyond what is reqiured of them. Doing the minimum is not recommended here.