Philadelphia University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back I would advise myself to visit as many colleges as possible and apply to as many schools as possible. I would encourage myself to connect with as many people that go to the college I am going to as I can before going in there so that making friends is easier. I would also advice myself to not stress out as much during senior year because it is supposed to be a fun time and it is important to make as many memories as possible.


The advice I would give to myself would be start applying for scholarships before graduating college, take everything serious start college as soon as you finish high school and become someone very important for your mother, your sisters, yourself and future family. If you take this steps and advices you will accomplish in life everything you will need for mommy yourself and or vacations if you would like to because a part time job or a full time job in a fast food restaurant will not leave you what a degree and a professional career would leave you. A full time job would only leave you the money you need to pay for bills, food clothing and for the necessary things at home. Start everything as soon as possible and you will accomplish in life and college.


Sometimes, as a college student, all we can really think about it trudging forward. We’ve already made it through much and we’re so close to the real world that all we want to do is make that last push. But all great people are able to reflect on their past and realize the great obstacles that they have overcome. Just the other day I was remembering my first day moved onto the Philadelphia University Campus I had taken on a fever due to the high stress I was experiencing of being in a new surrounding. Would it be like my previous school where I dreaded the noise that buzzed around a supposedly elite crowd? All it took to be myself was realizing that everybody is in the same position as myself. No matter how different everyone is, you all share one thing in common – the unknown. Make an effort to really learn from everything that you come across. Take advantage of the advisors who provide you with the tools that will help you achieve your goals!


If I could go back and tell myself anything it would be to have more self confidence. I would always worry about what others would think or say. From being at this school for the last two years it has allowed me to really find myself. In high school I was labeled by who i was friends with and what sports I played, so it was a nice change of pace to now be know for nothing other than myself. I also have learned that I need to put my slef first more becuase I was so use to trying to please others that I would forget what I really was aiming for. All together I feel that i have truely bettered my slef and I wish that high school me found that out a lot sooner.


Faleesha, I know high school was a hassle, but college is no different. The bullying, the racial profiling, and the hardships you had to take in, sadly, really prepares you for the real world. You are in for another round of unfair judging; you have three roommates who will judge you, and they argue and are going to have some problems with one another. Don't be discouraged, just think of it as a lesson in patience. The procrastinating that you know you do, it needs to stop NOW. It's not a breeze here, so study. Don't try to fit in, staying up until 2am with friends, and skipping class. You know how texting and watching your online shows is like your life? That sucks, because that is a straight distraction. You think you have control in what you do, but you don't- well not full control. You are first generation, people have so much hope and promise in you. I believe in you, Faleesha. You made it out the hood, but you still have a way to go. Stay focused.


To my former self: Take risks and listen to your heart. Put all your mind and effort towards a life of happiness and fufillment. Work hard at what you love and do not sacrifice your time for money. Keep true to your values and do not steal, smoke, or drink. Be creative and pay attention to detail. Listen to your friends and let others do the talking sometimes. Take opportunity to travel and absorb all you see. Choose your friends wisely and listen to your mentors. Be the cloud and rise above.


I would tell myself to do better with his grades so that we could get more money for college, and to also do more scholarships so you could get enough money to live on-campus. The next thing I would tell my senoir self would be to work harder in baseball so other colleges would notice my talent, and maybe get invited to a be apart of a school with possibly a better sports program. The final thing I would tell my self in preparation fpor his future, would be to look for more colleges around the major we would take up, that also had a sports program in at least the division 2 area.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to get over my bad senior habits over the summer because college is alot more serious than senior year and I need to stay focused.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus on saving money and looking for scholarships to pay for college tuition and to shadow a student at the schools I was interested in. Currently, the biggest problem for me is paying tuition. I have to focus on so much when I am in school, such as the heavy workload, extra-curricular activities, friends and family, and worrying about how I am going to pay for school is very stressful and depressing. If I saved money while in high school and searched for scholarships I would not be in the financial situation that I am in now. Additionally, when I was going through the process of deciding on what colleges to apply to I did not shadow a student from any of the colleges. I gained knowledge about the schools from text and visuals on thier websites. I feel like if I shadowed a student, I would have gained a hands-on and first-hand experience of each college. Those experiences would have made my decision much easier and the process would have been less stressful.


Self-confidence, maturity, a creative and open mind, lasting friendships. These are just a few of the great things that I have gotten out of my college experience at Philadelphia University. I came in as a wide-eyed freshman, ready for a new experience, and I am graduating as a confident adult, head held high and feeling proud of the achievements I have earned over the past four years as a student here. I have learned a great deal not only academically, but also socially and environmentally. Philadelphia University has prepared me for the next chapter in my life, and it is because of the great dedication of the faculty and staff that I can be a proud alumnus of the school and have the confidence and motivation to make a difference in our world. The value that this school has added to my life is something that goes far beyond the tuition; it is something that can only be measured by the positive qualities and characteristics I have developed and will continue to cultivate in the next phase of my life. My experience at Philadelphia University is one that I will forever remember and cherish.


I have successfully completed one full semester of college, with less than three months to go in my second semester and so far I have learned quite a bit. Not only have I gained knowledge academically, but my view of the world in retrospect has changed . My entire life I have lived in a box. I never knew anything outside of the relatively small city of San Antonio, where usually the worst thing that could happen is a severe thunderstorm or a tornado warning every few years. I made the decision to attend an out of state college for the experience and chose Philadelphia University for it's unique and comforting charm. In these four months away from home that I have spent in Philadelphia I have learned a lot about the world and a lot about myself. You really never know how much people mean to you until you have spent months upon months away from them. Words like homeless, jobless, struggle, and sacrifice never used mean anything to me, but now these words describe people, actions, and experiences that I've lived through, and it really changes a persons outlook on life. Philadelphia University surely has changed mine.


Since attending college, I have learned to be dedicated, independent, and more confident. Instead of searching for the 'craziest parties on campus,' I found myself spending countless hours on design projects, devoted to the quality and craft that makes a good presentation. I put a lot of time and effort into my work, because being proud of the outcome is very rewarding to me. Since my coursework has taken up a significant amount of my time, I have learned to efficiently manage my schedule. My college has provided me with tons of activities to participate in, however it's impossible to be involved with everything. For the stuff that is a priority, I am able to budget my time, thus becoming more independent. I have found that college has given me the opportunity to be in charge of my present and future. I'm not taking this independence for granted, as some of my peers are. Instead, providing for myself and accomplishing goals has boosted my confidence. I participate in class and take advantage of the discussion, something I wouldn't have done in high school. I believe that college is going to help me really grow as a person.


Being in college has taught me a lot. I didn’t really know what I was in for until I actually felt the experience. Now that I’ve experienced the college life for almost a full year I know that it’s not easy but it’s also not as hard as it may seem. Out of being a first year student I have learned how to manage time. There are no longer parents here to tell you to go to school. It was a reality check because now you must get used to doing things on your own. I’ve had to teach myself how to study and stay on track. It is easy to get distracted by friends, and parties. I have also learned to be responsible to pay my tuition payment every month form my work study pay. Its not an easy transition but its needed. This is why college has been valuable to attend because it teaches you how to grow up a little. Being away from home and doing things on your own this will significantly help in you in the future living on your own.


The ablity to do things for myself. Being independent and learning real life problems and being able to solve them. It has been very valuable to attend college because you can only experience this once, and be able to get an education that leads you into a career is an opportunity to never pass up.


This school has allowed me to expand my knowledge of interior design and design in general. I have a strong foundation of learning here and the students also help to keep me expanding my mind. The fact that this school has so many forms of design: interior, architecture, graphic, animation, fashion, textile, industrial, and more allow for a creative campus and environment. Being inspired is not a challenge on this campus and I feel that as a designer and as a person, I have greatly benefited from coming to this school. The value of being able to attend a college is beyond what I ever imagine me accomplishing. The price of college would have kept me from attending if it weren't for grants and finanical aid and friends.


Because of my experience at Philadelphia University including all of my hardships and struggles in Freshman year and throughout the following years, I have not only discovered my passion and learned to love and value myself but also feel confident, generous, and sometimes even obligated to share the knowledge that I have gained from the various professors. I am currently a fifth year student in the Architectural Studies major. Philadelphia University has offered me the unique opportunity to truly shape my future and maximize my academic experiences because I was able to balance Conceptual Design courses with Technical courses. I have studied various fields including, Architecture (including Landscape, Interior Design, and Construction). I have also taken a few Business courses including Management, Marketing, and Business Law. However, the most valuable courses and the most relevant to my passions were the Liberal Arts and Humanities courses that have opened my eyes to the world, taught me how to think critically, understand relationships, causes & effects, the "pros and cons" of globalizations, and most especially the value of Humanity, Cultures, and Earth. Because I was inspired and encouraged by my Professors, I have successfully obtained a very unique internship position after graduation.


I believe that my college experience has opened my eyes a little more as to what to expect when I graduate from school. i have recieved my Associate's degree in Business from Community College of Philadelphia. That to me was a taste of how it would be for me when I enter a workplace of my career. Now i attend Philadelphia University and my major is Fashion Merchandising. Since i been in college, i realized that you have to work for whatever you want inife and there is no such thing as a free handout. I also learned from my college experience is to get my degree in something that i desire to do and make sure that that's what i enjoy doing. College is very inportant and is very valuable to attend because it will get you farther in life and you will also gain more knowlege, and you can never have to much education


From my college experience I have received many different gifts. I have befriended many new people, both students and professionals, from different social, academic, and economic circles. My creativity and academics has been challenged daily. I have played on many intramural teams or played in pick up games in the gym or out on the lawn.. I have learned how to use public transportation to go into the city for school and social events, which is a big accomplishment since I am not familiar with the system. I am also actively involved in an organization that is pertinent to my career choice. My first year college experience has been a valuable life lesson. I have made friendships and career related relationships that have and will affect me throughout my college and professional career. Both my classmates and professors have challenged me academically, socially, and creatively. I feel that all these experiences will and are making me a better person as a whole and preparing me for working in my chosen profession.


My college experience has introduced me to great new experiences and people. Learining to balance school, social times, and work was the most important thing that I learned in college. Prioritizing is a key component, having a plan, knowing what you want and how you plan to achieve it. I went to a small college originally in Miami, where I learned the freedom that comes with college needs to be carefully handled. Working became an obstacle, it was something that felt necessary but was interupting my full potential. Now after a couple of hard earned experiences, I have realiezed I will need very little work, and get integrated in my new school. Being integrated is what will make the college experience worth it and have a good end result. I now have a good solid plan and the ambition to see it through.


I chose to study fashion design at Philadelphia University because of their superb design program, and also because they did not require portfolios with acceptance into the program. I was interested in learing how to design clothing, but did not live in an area conducive to my learning of the skills before going to college. This is one of the few schools left that teaches you from the ground up- every student starts at the same level and no prior knowledge of anything in the design word is needed. I have learned literally everything about fashion design from the excellent faculty at the school. Since classes are small you recieve one on one attention and come to know your professors very well. I have already learned valuable skills needed for my continuation in the program as well as in the workplace. I am looking forward to taking advantage of the many study abroad and internship programs provided. Because we are required to graduate with a B.S., the science courses I have taken have sparked my interest in investigating green fashion and making better business choices based on environmental ethics.


The main thing that I've learned during my college experience is that knoledge is power and it is up to the youth of today to harness that power to make a brighter and safer future for us humans and animals. I've also learned that college is hard to attend while working fulltime; Then again lifes hard, but anything you get easy truly is not worth holding on to. Education is key in this day and age and I'de love the opportunity to attend a school I'm passionate about.


When I was little I always wondered where life would take me. Would I be a Medical Docotor? or a Firefighter? I was plagued with this question for years and well into my High School career. It wasn't until I started attending college that I was blessed with the knowledge of what I wanted to study and then do for a living. Which is to study Philosophy and then one day with a Ph.D teach at a four-year university. Thanks to the decision to further my education not only have I chosent the field that I want to study in but through my general education courses I have learned so much a bout the different fields of study such as Anthropology, Humanities and Sociology. I used to have a bad attitude about school when I attended High School I felt that what we learned was a waste of time and will never be helpful but I have become passionate about my education and I feel that college and further education is priceless. College is valuable because it not only helps individuals excell intellectually, but it also helps individuals grow and develop as people for a better tomorrow.


I have grown tremendously as an individual, a professional, and a leader. I value the skills I have learned that enable me to be in a leadership position on campus. These skills such as working on a team, public speaking, confidence, organization, etc. have enabled me to become a stronger person and is reflected in my career ambitions. I am able to get the most out of my classes, activities, and social life because I understand the importance of my education and where it can take me in the future.


What I like most are my Professors. They are personable, helpful and most are currently working in their feilds. I feel confident that they will be valuable references in the future.


My experience at Seminole State College has allowed me the opportunity complete a general education Associate in Arts degree. I began this degree many years ago and unfortunately was faced with a few personal crisis: death of my father, divorce, loss of employment and loss of my home. After years of waiting and personally battling with the choice to attend college again, I found that Seminole State College was the only way for me to advace myself in a career. This college has awarded me with the skills needed to advance myself within the field of education. I am now transfering to the University of Central Florida where I will focus on a degree in education. My goal is to become a Middle School Science teacher. This goal will help to support myself and my family in the future. I will be able to give back to the community by teaching others that by setting your goals high, and working hard, you can accomplish anything. I look forward to sharing story with my students in the future.


I had been anxiously and excitedly looking forward to attending college for years throughout high school. It seems unavoidable that a girl's imagination will go wild with exaggerated hopes and expectations before any major, life-changing event. However, my experience at Philadelphia University is everything that I had been imagining and so much more. It has matured me as an individual and expanded the horizons of my mind; taught me not only about the field of psychology, but also how to live with a girl I had never met before the summer, meet deadlines, and so much more. For anyone who is considering not attending college for financial or any other reasons, my advice would be this: go! Find the right college for you, and go! Making my own decisions, achieving goals, living on my own, and studying a subject in which I am genuinely intersted are the aspects of college that set my current exciting life in Philadelphia apart from my previous life in the monotonous, less-specialized world of public high school in New Jersey. I am confident that every dollar of my yearly expenses is benefiting my future as a respectable adult and professional.


I have gotten quite a bit from my college experience. For one I found new and exciting ways I can reach-out to the community, gained many new friendships, and the knowledge to obtain information and keep it to memory. It is valuable to attend college, because from what you learn from the classroom you can use it in everyday instances.


When I was in highschool I could not think of any other thing I wanted to do but attend college. When I finally chose my school I was ready to indulge in the wealth of knowledge that I would be able to attain from being part of a huge generation destined to get a degree. The first day of Architecture School was absolutely rediculus but from there on I have only become a better person for those around me including: my parents, my relatives and my school. My views upon the world, because I have studied abroad, have changed so drastically that my views of the word college and experience is like amelioration. While the word has not changed physically, my own perception has become that of a monk who has only become wiser over time with the practice and dedication of an ideal which my school has taught me. This ideal of course is to be strong, persistent even in weakness and to have the knowledge in which to be able to succeed in todays world. It is this reason why I believe that it has been invaluable to attend college. It is simply IMPORTANT.


While the obvious benefits of a college education can provide the means of obtaining a comfortable income and enjoying a higher standard of living, these aspirations are not the most durable characteristics of a college education. What I have learned from my college experience is to value those challenges that permit me to make good choices regarding what I want to be and ultimately do to better serve humankind. To develop a vision of possibilities for the future is a lifelong goal and the most valuable reason for attending college. College offers an environment where students learn to assume responsibility to discover the necessary courage essential for accomplishing what is truly important. My college experience has presented opportunities to reflect and explore in ways that have stretched my way of thinking. I have learned that implementation of mind and heart ardently distinguishes how an individual will best live life to the fullest and determines how one can incorporate the arena of work into a fundamental purpose for his/her existence.


While a freshman at Philadelphia University, I have taken advantage of many great opportunities to grow as a person and a student. I have gained many leadership, and work related skills in the process. I am a more mature, responsible, self-confident, and academically prepared student and feel that I can face the challenges set before me in the next four to six years. I will continue to attend Philadelphia University to study Fashion Merchandising and plan to minor in Communications. As part of the curriculum, I intend to take advantage of the study abroad program to gain international exposure to the industry. I will need not only the theoretical knowledge from my academic program, but also practical work experience to achieve my goal of ultimately working in the fashion industry. I expect in five years I will be well on my way to a successful career and I couldn't have done it without the opportunities, support and guidance that Philadelphia University supplies.


Attending college I have experienced what it like to live on my own. I had to learn how to budget my money and make smart decisions which would benefit me in the future. When many children get away from there parents they get out of control and influence others as well to party, drink, and smoke and school comes last. Seeing individuals such as those gave me a better insight on life. I realized the we are here by choice nobody forced us to come to college and a college education is what determines our future. I know I dont want to settle for less so I made it an obligation to sucedd in college. It is valuable to attend college because you discover who you are outside of your parents watch. As indiviual we often live up to our parents standards. I believe at college we experience what it is like to be on our own taking a step into the real world.


As an adult returning to college, I understand and appreciate more. I value the instructors time and I also demand that I learn something from every course I enroll in. Due to the increase cost of education and the decrease availability of employment , failing a course is not an option. I am more in tuned to my surroundings because I do not want to waste my time or money; if I am not recieving knowledge from the course. Graduating for me gives me a sense of completion and provides an opportunity for upward mobility. My college experience has been numerous and different for each time I enrolled into a college , this gives me a better perspective of what the qualifications and demands are needed in order to succeed.


My college experience, thus far, has provided me with a sense of independance and maturity unlike anything I have had before. As a high school student, I was always very responsible and self-reliant, but attending college has awakened me to a whole new facet of my personality; a woman who is well-to-do in the world and who can make a difference in all that she does. If is were not for this unique experience of making my own success, truly by myself, I would never have gained the level of self-confidence and self-dedication that I now have. Thanks to college, I now know all that I am capable of, without a doubt.


I have learned to be open to many different personaities, and learn from my mistakes and mistakes of others.


I have spent most of my life engaged with others in some form or other. College has really shown me how to expand my horizon and see that we all many different views, backgrounds, and beliefs. One is not more or less then the other, but we can all bring those experiences to the table and when we work towards a common goal the amount we accomplish is much greater then that of accomplishing it on our own. I have gained so much more respect for those around me and have grown to appreciate all the things that make us different yet, bring us together.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is I have become a stronger independent person. I have learned a lot about different personality types and how to deal with them. I have learned about the goals I want to achieve, where I would like to attend graduate school and the industry I would like to be apart of it. It has been vaulable because I would have not learned these things at a community college and living at home.


The greastest college expierence that I've had at PHILAU can not be defined in just one way, so I will share the most memorable and positive experiences that I have had here. For one, I have a strong sense of who I want to become. I've met friends who make me feel as if I've known them my whole life. I have professors who geniunley care about not only my grades, but my well-being. I've established networking skills and have already applied them in real world situations. It was the right choice from the start and the most valuable thing that I could pass on to anyone interested in coming here is that they will find themselves too.


My college experience so far has been great. I love the school and the professors. The staff at the school really works well with you to make your schedule flexible. I am a mother of two (a three week old and a two year old), a military wife, and I work full time as a preschool teacher, so having a more flexible schedule is great. Also, the success that the professors have makes me want to be very successful so in the future I can have a better job and help my husband to better support our family.


I have not started yet.


So far I have only been in college for one year, but it has been the best year, educationally (not solely Academically) of my life. Of course I have learned a lot about new and exciting subjects, but more importatly I have learned a lot about myself. For example, I took a performace poetry class my first quarter at The University of Denver. On the first day, our assignment was to partner up with someone we didn't know and observe them as they described themselves to us. Then we had to act like the other person, based on our observations. My partner, Varinia, noticed that I fidget a lot. When she imitated me introducing myself, I became very aware of how I carry myself around people I don't know. After this, I was able to better control, or conceal in some cases, my anxiety. There have been many instances of this type of thing happening during my first year of college. Yes I love learning about really any subject, but I've found that the most valuble and helpful lessons have come from what I've learned about myself.


My college experience has been most valuable to me in its challenging classes, which are preparing me for a successful career path and encouraging me to continue in the direction of my passion and dreams. Also, the closeness to the city has allowed me full exploration of a suburbian area with an urban feel. Finally, I have been able to try so many different types of classes, as well as take advantage of studying abroad in the coming year, which is such an amazing opportunity that most cannot say they were able to do.




If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself to get to know more people. I would tell myself that networking is huge and the more people I get to know the more chances I will have to get a job when I get out of school. In today's economy networking plays a great part in finding a job. I am shy when I first meet people and if I got used to just talking to strangers in high school, then I would feel more comfortable doing it now in college. I have quite a few friends in college, don't get me wrong, but not nearly as many as I'd like to have. Philadelphia University is a pretty small school and it would be nice to get to know most of the people that go here.


The advice I would tell myself if I could go back in time would be to save money and create good study habits. Being in school now, I find myself limited or stressing over money issues. Not only for miscellaneous use, but I find times when I wish I saved up more money than I did for things like books and excess tuiton balances. I would warn myself that if I save money, then I won't have huge loans waiting for me when I graduate. Also, I would create good study habits because I have realized that college is not a breeze. If I do not study what the teacher says, most likely I will fail tests. Since tests count for most of your grade, you will fail classes and that is a waste of money. Good study habits help you understand topics dscussed in class and helps you recall information for tests better.


I would tell myself as a high school senior to be more open about what schools i applied to and to look at as many schools as possible, even if i didn't think i was going to like them. Being open is very important when you are making such a major decision. Kepping an open mind also helps out in the long run, so one don't have to go throught the process of transfering. It is also important to be open so you know you make the right decision and do not have any regrets about the school that you attend. Also do not settle, there is the right school out there for everyone, it just takes some effort to find it.


I would tell myself to relax about choosing a college, and that I would eventually find the right fit. Senior year I was so stressed that I broke out with a case of shingles over choosing a college. Looking back on things now, I know I made the right decision, the decision I was leaning towards all along, to attend Philadelphia University. I would be extremely greatful if i were awarded this 5,000 dollars. I am the youngest of six and am paying my own way through college, I work three jobs and every ounce of my money goes towards school between tuition, books, and supplies things get very expensive. If I were awarded this scolarship it woul dmean the world to my family and I. Thank you so much for your time.


I would definitely reconsider my dedication to the International Baccalaureate Program. Me believing it was too hard made me not take it seriously as I could've. Either I should have buckled down and do the work and be and enjoy the benefits of being a IB Diploma nominee, or choose another method of education best for me. I also would have not been so quiet like I was in high school. As a freshman, keeping to myself definitely made it tougher to build a place at my school during the next few years. Also, I would've saved up my money. Me looking back and thinking of small amounts of money i used overtime could have been saved up to become helpful in buying books or supplies for college. Overall, I would tell myself: Don't just think about doing something, go ahead and do it and don't even procrastinate in doing so. If you want change in your life, giving 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in everything you do is the only way.


I wish I had explordered more of my major. I have an idea about wat I want to do and I enjoy what I'm working on in college but maybe if I had more to go on I could finally set myself on a career goal and focus myself. I also wish I had taken a few more AP exams, the passing grades would have come in handy for skipping certain required classes and I would be farther in my studies. I would have also liked to impress upon myself the importance of putting one's work ahead of entertainment. Procrastination has not been fun or something I have gotten rid of yet and maybe if I had started last year I would be better off. It would also have been nice if I had been a bit more outgoing, the first few weeks here I hadn't quite made a friend and I should have told myself to go out there and be friendly and find someone quicker. Otherwise, my transition into college has been one I have truely enjoyed.


Making the transition from high school to college was more difficult than I would have expected. There were many things that made this transition difficult, including the bigger work load, learning to manage my time properly, and being away from my friends and family. However if I could choose one thing to go back in time and tell my high school self it would be to not worry so much about planning my whole future. During senior year I was thinking not only about what college I wanted to go to and what major I wanted to pursue but also what kind of job I would have after college and where I would live. Since I have started college I have realized that I don't need to plan out every detail of my life right now and that I can take everything one step at a time. Knowing this during my senior year would have helped me to relax and could have saved me a lot of unneeded pressure and aggravation. I now understand that college is the stepping stone from high school to the "real world" and will help prepare me for the rest of my life.


Don't give up.