Philadelphia University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It is not a diverse community, racially and in gender. I do not feel as though I am being challenged to my greatest potential there, and the tuition is too high.


There's no grocery store within walking distance.


Being so far from home.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the quality of food it provides and the times that the food cafetaterias open and close. However, Philau has been doing a good job about asking us what we want and we have seen some improvement since last semester.


The most frustrating thing about The University of Denver is the lack of diversity. This school is mostly made up of White, upper class students. The students themselves are generally friendly, but lack any sort of insight into what diversity truly means. I come from a highschool where white students were the minority and most of us didn't have very much money. In addition to race and socio-economic status, the students generally go for the same degree, either business or Restaurant Tourism and Hotel Management. All other departments are lacking in numbers and interest of new students.


I actually love my school and I do not think there is anything frusterating, or at least I haven't run across anything yet. My teachers are all great, the food is good most of the time, I love all of the people that I met across campus, and the setting for the school is better than I could ask for.


Sometimes as an athlete, I have to juggle class time with practice/game times. Since my school is small, and the number of classes are limited, I sometimes find it diffucult to schedule my science classes in conjuction with my sport times


As a commuter the most frustrating thing finding parking, there isn't enough for the whole school. Although i enjoy how technologicaly advanced our school is, it really gets under my skin when the computer websites and systems are down.


the small size along with the male to female ratio


Not being accommodating to students dietary needs. They are the least vegetarian friendly school I've ever seen, and they're NOT vegan friendly at all! At least, not in any way that would substantially sustain a vegan's needs.