Philadelphia University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Get involved in everything you can, and drop things you don't like until you find the thing you like.


Get involved in everything you can, and drop things you don't like until you find the thing you like.


All it took to be myself was realizing that everybody is in the same position as myself. No matter how different everyone is, you all share one thing in common – the unknown. Embrace it, and explore everything. You will only find your niche after trying anything and everything college has to offer you. Dive right in and keep an open mind. You will not find yourself in college, however you will create yourself and become someone you were destined to be. And be smart about loans because there are afforable educations out there!


Male to female ratio, library hours, lack of social life at school


I wish I had known that I had been privileged to come to a university that had such skilled professors and administration. I wish I had known that I would have had to pay so much out of pocket to university each semester but good thing for work study or else I wouldn’t have the opportunity to attend this college.


More time managment and not to stress a lot. College is difficult if you make it that way.


I wished that I would've known about how costly the tuition actually is including full-time courses, room & board, health fees, etc. The Financial Aid Office mails an "Award Letter" home to be reviewed by the student's family. These funds are anticipated to be available for the student's education. However, a decent amount of the funds are not available and are pending. Therefore, Student Accounts office automatically enrolls students with remaining balances into TMS (Tuition Management System). Often times, fees and other issues especially confusion occur.


I wish i would of known the alumi's and there sucess. I'm a little curious about the graduates of Philadelphia University and how their job experience been since they graduated


Bef ore coming to this school I wish I had known what a great experience I was going to have. I have met and befriended people from so many different academic, social, and economic backgrounds. In the first week of my design class we were asked to work in a group to create an outdooor art form. As a group we had one goal to achieve despite our differences. The professors take learning out of the box and have innovative techniques and styles of teaching, but relate it back to your major.


I wish I had known exactly how design-oriented the school is, but I do not regret my decision because I am a creative person and appreciate the design exhibitions. I also didn't know that it was so easy to both be admitted and to receive scholarships to this moderately expensive private school. However, the honors college is more challenging, but not unreasonable. There was not much that surprised me about PhillyU otherwise because I did extensive research to ensure that I made the right decision for myself. I cannot see myself ever transfering from this amazing school.


All of the scholarship opportunities that they offered.


I wish i had known of schools that were cheaper with the same educational oppurtunities.


Everybody tells you that you'll have a lot of work when you enter the architecture major. I understood that and accepted it. I realized I would have to really buckle down and focus. So far I have been able to do that but I just wish I had really stressed that fact to myself. Also, I wish I had been wiser when selecting certain classes, if I had been my GPA would have been higher. Now I'm wiser and I'm listening to advice.


I had a hard time fitting in at first. I lived off campus my freshman year, and I did not meet very many people. The spring semester of freshman year however, I pledged a soroity and I instantly fit it more. This year, I am so much more satisfied at my school.


That I should live on campus and how commuting is very difficult when the work load is demanding.


I wish that i would have known that becoming a part time student eleminated my fanancial aid.