Philadelphia University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing I consider in Eastern University is that the school is not too big and it does not have too manyy students. The reason why I consider this the best thing is because if I have a question or need to speak with my profesor I could speak with him or her after class or less than a week and I will not neet to wait a month or so.


I think the best thing is the campus. The campus is peaceful and relaxing, but there are still a ton of opportunities to have fun like joining clubs, going to the city or just hanging out with friends.


There are so many educational and career opportunities here at Philadelphia University. Being a biology major with a dream of one day becoming an optometrist, I know that as I progess in my studies the University will make sure that I know of every available opportunity. Whether it is providing students with free tutoring services in almost every subject, or locating a coveted intership at one of the top optometry hospitals in the country, I feel that at Philadelphia University they will help me every step of the way and make sure I am successful, as it is their mission.


Of course, I consider the Architecture department to be very good. I am originally from Texas and being a senior at Philadelphia University I have gained a wealth of knowledge from this school. My greatest experience so far was studying abroad in Italy, which the school offers, and I was able to gain so much from the knowledge over there. I would have to say that a lot goes into every program, but because I am in the Architecture program, I am proud to say that the architecture program is the best thing I like about my School.


There are too many things to choose that could be the best thing about Philadelphia University, that is why I chose this school. It could be there excellent reputation, the study abroad program or their student involvement. But I think the thing that I found after I came here was that the professors were always there when you needed them. There was always someone ready to help you find your way.


The overall atmosphere. Philadelphia University has it all. It is minutes away from the big city, but is part of Fairmount Park. While on campus, you have the luxury of small, quaint settings, yet accessibility to the city is right within your reach. Since it is a small campus, you see a familiar face no matter where you are. It is nice to recognize people in class, at the cafeteria or library, or even walking between classes. It has become my family away from home


design classes because they're exciting and challenging


The location


Personal growth and exploration is highly emphasized in many of my classes. This allows students to feel like they are making progress in their own lives, not just in the classroom. This is encouraged through assignments that embrace creativity and individual research. I love the location of my school. The campus is well landscaped and hidden away from the city life, but is a short commute to all of the ammenities and action of Center City, Philadelphia.


The campus is usually nice, well maintained.


The best thing(s) about Philadelphia University is the location, academic environment, and the diverse culture you are emerged in. Students here bond together and enlighten each other of different backgrounds and ways of life. The campus is in the suburbs of Philadelphia on a gorgeous 100 acre campus, that allows you to hang out in the grass anywhere you want with friends. Academically it is challenging, and it is reknown for its Design majors. Students strive to succeed, and sharing this goal students positively bond together to help each other to the end.


The design program. Architecture at Philadelphia Uuniversity is one of the best along the east coast.


I love my major, it is the only Textile major like it in the US. We have access to many different types of equipment and the professors are very helpful. Textile Design has a 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement after you graduate, so I know that I will be able to find a job when I leave here. The program is small, so you get to know pretty much everyone and there is always someone there to work with you. The library has the largest collection of textile magazines and books, so there are always great resources for inspiration.