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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I know back when I was in high school, with what I know now I would begin back in my junior year of high school, and start preparing then. I would take the ACT between my 10th and 11th grade year, to get an idea of my standing. I would begin to study harder, begin to look at universities or community colleges, and see where I feel at home at. Where do I feel most compelled to study at? Are class sizes large or small? What are the pros and cons of each university? Would it be beneficial for me to attend a community college my first year of college? The transition between high school and college is extremely hard, and not everyone has the attitude to do it. Most freshmen in college still has the high school attitude, so get over it and suck it up. Your on your own now, its time to make your own decisions. What is best for me?