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What I found most unique about the University of Phoenix is how caring they actually are. As I stated above, I have never had an adivsor be so helpful and check in with me. I attended Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne for an entire year and I may have spoke with my advisor there once or twice. I feel much more welcome here and I like how they are understanding of how I am a returning student, it has been five years, and work with me since I am a little out of practice.


The time you are in the classes works the best for me.If I can do mornings one day I do that if the next day it is not until 6pm or later I can attend then to.


My school work is done online.


Well like i said before the diversity is unique. I visited all the other colleges in my area but i felt no diversity was around and everyone was the same.


It is a online class and you have more time to do what ever you need to do. You cn do your work at your pase and time frame.


I like that I decided to go with a community college. It's to the point of just furthering your education. There are a lot of people who go to big universities that drop out or flunk out because they get into the partying group. A ommunity college is also a lot cheaper then a big university (eventhough I 'm still having a hard time paying for it).


It is close to my home, the classes, books and class materials are more affordable than other colleges. Also, Phoenix College has a large variety of classes and have all the ones I need for my major. PC also has classes during the whole day which is great for my busy schedule.

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