Phoenix College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


This will be my first year attending Phoenix Community college. However, their campus amazes me. They have so much to offer. I recently went to orientation and they gave me a tour of the campus. I am happy to say that staff on campus is very helpful. The environment feels so good. My favorities thing is that I can just sit anywhere and enjoy a coffee and a book.


The Phoenix College campus is so relaxing. I can study anywhere in the campus because the climate in Arizona is beautiful.


The most awesome thing about my school is it is all online, no schedule and it only makes you take one class at a time.


I brag about how easy it has been and how wonderful the staff as well as classmates are at the university of phoenix.


My school are the best cause they have all the program that we ( students) could ask for and they have many choose of program and degree to choose from. They have best advior and teachers. You can take on campus or online classes and it the best. All the students there are very helpful and great. They have the best program for people that need help like myself. Im deaf and they have all the things i need to sussics my goal. I think the Universtiy Phoenix are the best and great to get ur degree and get your goal


I would say the interaction with the teachers is what I mostly brag about. I love the one on one time and how the teachers are really passionate about the class. The professors are so wonderful to speak with and are available pretty much all the time if we need assistance.


I tell them how wonderful our Fashion Design program and what the classes are like on a daily basis.


I brag that I can walk from my home to such an amazing school in under ten minutes.


That I am 48 and I am doing well with a online collage. My grades are good and I realy enjoy my classes.

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