Phoenix College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the time diffrerence between Arizona and Maryland so it confuses me sometime on when school work is due.


The worst thing about my school is that there's not enough variety of classes.


This may sound strange but the worse part of my school was that there were too many activities I chose not engage in. Clubs, tutoring and even college planning was offered by my high school but I was not wise enough to take advantage of these. As a college student know I can see how those extra activities would have impacted not only my college life but life in general. Preparing for college should have been my number one priority like my school’s priority was.


The only thing that I would concideer bad about the school is that there is no clear time frame or quick way to processes paper work when you are trying to be awarded to continue your education and get very behind. One other thing is that sometimes the teachers are eger to teach the students and sometimes you get stuck with teachers that dont really want to be there or teach.


I have not found anything bad about the UoPX. I love that I can get my degree on line through them.


Not being able to talk to the instructor face to face.


I am attending school on-line and find it very rewarding. The only bad thing I can say about on-line schooling is that there is plenty of reading to do. More than I am able to do at times.


The distance in which I must travel to get there. If there is a day in which my disbility interferes with my driving it could be a small problem for me.


What I would consider the worst thing about my school is the student aid office. The reason is their customer service is not the greatest, if you don't ask the right question they will give you an answer that may or may not correspond to your question . It is best to have someone help you with the FASFA process.


I have no comlaints about my school at this time. The classes are scheduled conveinently and the teachers are always availble.


The school is to far away from where I live.


So far I really haven't found anything negative about it. The staff is helpful, it's affordable, and it gives me the education I am looking for. Those are the only things that really matter.


That every year they are giving less and less money to their sports teams and that not all the cafeteria food is open late.

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