Phoenix College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?




I love that I can make my schedule and I don't have to take time away from my responsibilities to continue my education. I am a single mother and I value the close relationship I have with my son as well as the time that I get to be apart of his life. Online schooling has allowed me to hone my independant working skills, communication techniques and I have fain knowledge that I did not once have. Phoenix great tools avaiable to students that make learning on your own easier.


They always call me to see if i have any concerns.


Best program, best teacher, best advior, best students to help, two choose of campus or online classes. school are the best cause they have all the program could ask for and they have many choose of program and degree to choose from. . You can take on campus or online classes and it the best. Im deaf and they have all the things i need to sussics my goal. I think the Universtiy or Phoenix are the best and great to get ur degree and get your goal that u always been looking for or wanting for your life.


The best thing about Phoenix college is it's flexibility. I love the fact that I am able to do both online and traditional classes. I work full time so being able to have the options to do online or traditional works perfect for my life. The online system is so simple to operate and doesn't take too much time to get started. If you are a busy person, which most are, I reccomend this school to you!

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