Piedmont College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The Demorest campus is so expensive so i had to go to the small Athens campus where there are no activities and everything.


Everyone goes home on the weekends. There is not anything to get students involved with the school and therefore students do not feel at home.


the worst thing about piedmont would probaly be the location, we literally have to leave town to go to walmart or the grocery store.


I dislike that there are not as many students and how they do dorms. i wish that they would base how you get a room on ow many years you've been at the college versus how many credits you have. Also, i think the cafe needs to make more food that people would enjoy rather than things that they just want to cook.


I do not like how Piedmont does not offer individual career research or help. I recently graduated the college and I'm left on my own to try to find a job. I also believe that Piedmont could offer more information for commuter students so we could be just as informed as the students in the dorms, especially if we're not "non-traditional" students.


Nothing to do off campus without a car.


The location. Unless you're an outdoor person, there is not much to do here. Also, the rules at the school. The rules take the feel of college away.


The worst thing about Piedmont is the school food and having nothing to do on weekends.


i can honestly say that the worst thing about this school for me is only really how much it cost to go hear. i don't think we are over paying for our education it is just that i'm paying for school my self and i find it hard to pay the bills. o yeah and the internet acsess on camup is rediculous. more than hlf the time it doesn't work, and the art department is in shambles.

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