Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom Top Questions

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What is unique about Pierce is that the class sizes are small, for a small amount of money. In a private school, where small class sizes are expected, the tuition rate is extremely out of reach for most people. I am able to get a degree, work part time, do all of my school work, and pay for school without getting a huge loan that will keep me in debt for the rest of my life. Some people say that community colleges aren't as prestigious, and the teachers are under qualified, but that isn't true about Pierce College.


I had the choice betwen Pierce at Fort Steilacoom and Pierce at Puyallup, because I am a Running Start student at a nearby High School. I chose the Fort Steilacoom because I like having an atomospher around me that is less of a High School/ Running Start enviorment. At Steilacoom, there is a larger variety of ages. The other reason I chose the Fort Steilacoom Campus is becasue they offer a larger variety then the Puyallup campus.

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