Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


They type of person that should attend Pierce College is someone that is looking for small class sizes, low tuition costs, and the community college feeling. Pierce trys to create the traditional college atmosphere with events, sports, and comradery, but it is hard to get the full college effect when you live off campus. It is mainly for people on a budget, that need to get their education to move on to the next step. I like Pierce because the class schedules are flexible, and all of my professors are very nice, and want me to do my best.


The kind of person who should attend Pierce College is they type who is quite sure what they want to major in. Pierce has a wide varity, just like most community colleges, letting students take diverse classes to figure out what they mostly likely want to become. It is a school of many ethic backgrounds and accepts anyone who is willing to learn.


I think the idea alone of a community college is great. It is wonderful because there is so many different times and classes to choose from. It's great for parents, younger and older people, and for anyone just trying to get a start but don't have the money for graduate school.


Pierce College is a haven for the local, recent high school graduates. It caters primarily to those who are as of yet unsure about their futures. A large quantity of students, myself included, attend Pierce College to take advantage of the cost-efficiency of a community college while satisfying the general education requirements. If an individual resides in Lakewood and seeks a low-cost, accredited two year degree, or just wants a stepping stone to a four-year university, (s)he would want to consider Pierce College.

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