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Many race and age demographics can be found at Pierce College, since it's a community college. It's also cheaper than most other colleges and a good place to get an AA degree.


Well, one thing that is really neat about Pierce College, compared to other Colleges, is that the Nursing Program there goes by GPA. At Pierce you only have to have a 3.0 or better to be competitive. They don?t go by individual grades like most schools, and that?s a good thing because Nursing Programs are really competitive. Another great thing is that the costs of schooling there are a little more affordable, which is nice when you don?t have a whole lot of cash.


The people here, though the people are different at each school.


Pierce College is a beautiful college surrounded by trees and an escape from the busy world. Driving to Pierce one day a deer walked infront of my car. The deer stopped, turned its head, and stood infront of my car for a couple seconds. Where did this deer come from? Outside the college the rush of traffic and people on the go. Once you get on campus, the environment makes you relaxed and ready for the school day ahead. I enjoy the wildlife, people, & generosity of the faculty. I couldn't have chosen a better college to enrich my life.