Pierce College-Puyallup Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Pierce College-Puyallup?


I often brag to my friends about continuing my education at Pierce College. I am pretty proud of myself, I am a 22 year-old Mother, who has had a break in schooling, pursuing my educational goal of becoming a Registered Nurse, and I am determined to finish. I often tell my friends about the neat facts I learn in Anatomy and Physiology, I find those kinds of classes fascinating. I am looking forward to taking Microbiology in the near future. Then I can brag to my friends about that; whether they want to hear about it or not!


The teachers at the college are great. When I talk with my friends, i include the humor I hear from my Calculus teacher, the knowledge of my Biology teacher, and the wierd things i learn through out the day. Most of my friends are from Pierce College. Pierce is a great place to get to know others like you.