Pikes Peak Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at Pikes Peak Community College.


My classmates are a motley crue from all different walks of life which represent the amazing cross section of the melting pot we call America.


My classmates are focused and driven to get where they want to be after college.


There is a variety of student in my school. There are students straight from high school, like myself and there are older students, like parents. I really like the attitudes of the students because they aren't there because they have to be, but they are there because they want to be so everyone seems to be eager to learn. Alot of tthe student want to get as much out of college as possible andjust as eager as they are to learn they are eager to help other classmates, even if they don't know them.


My classmates are a wide range from age to professions to learning abilitys.


My classmates, for the most part, are avidly pursuing a career. This community college draws people who are not there just for the social aspects, but who are there to obtain a degree for the working world.