Pikes Peak Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The councelors are very helpful! You also save a lot of money by going to a community college before attending a university. My class sizes tend to be relativly small so I can get a lot of help from the teachers when I need it. Not to mention all the students are very polite.


my culinary professors actually worked around the world and i think thatas awesoome


The school is a comfortable environment, not only is it small but the aministration and faculty are very friendly. I like the fact that the school if covered with the studends art, I enjoy viewing the art on the way to my classes. And most of all, the fact that there is a school there for me to attend and higher my education.


The resources and extra help that the college offers. Writing lab, math lab and tutors for example.


My school is able to make a fit to any student out there. The person just graduating high school to the adult who is making a career change part way through life. I am the second variety. Unlike other schools and universities in my area, PPCC is able to cater to my complicated life. I not only worry about my school schedual but the scheduals of my two kids. This institution has an atmosphere the invites the older student to fit in and excel.


Nothing. It's a school I'm going to so i can get my GPA up before I return to UCCS.


How small the class sizes are. Having a class that doesn't have more than 20 people is awesome. It makes it really easy to ask questions and get help.