Pikes Peak Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Pikes Peak Community College?


I don't agree that any kind of person shouldn't attend this school. There are many people out there who are lazy, procrastinators and don't believe in themselves. I think attening this school can help all of those types of people to help accomoplish class by class to ultimately get their "dream job". They are so helpful and motivating, they make you want to prove to yourself that you can do anything.


Someone who is not motivated or does not have a plan should not attend any higher level of education. Simply graduating high school does not qualify one to know what they want to do in their life. Life has a funny way of showing us what the correct path is. Take your time to find the correct one. Higher learning is not for those who are only doing what they are told or are going simply because they have financial means. Pikes Peak Community College is for those who wish to progress as individuals and succeed in this modern world.


You shouldn't attend PPCC if you like the big city atmosphere because Colorado Springs is a relatively small town.


The kind of person who is either indecisive about what field of study they would like to go into, or the person who knows what they want to achieve in both their career and in life. If you are indesisive here is pleanty of help along the way. Otherwise If you know what you want Pikes peak community college will point the way for your masters in your specified field.


Individuals who are seeking to get lost in the crowd or to merely pass through classes by sitting in the back of large stadium style courses, nor those who desire a more sports oriented, party environment, need not apply.


The type of person I believe should not attend Butte college is someone accustom to largely populated classes and who doese not have the need for tutoring and other student services.


This school is not for the student who wants to experience the social life that some colleges can bring. If a person is looking for a school with many extra-curricular activities or varieties of clubs and opportunities for athletics, then this school would not be a good choice.


someone who doesnt really want to go to college


Someone who's overly concered with the appearence of the school, salary bracket quality of the teachers, or extra curricular school activities.