Pikes Peak Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What I like about Pikes Peak Community College are the professors. They have the knowledge and most importantly the experience on the subject matter they teach. I value the experience the most because I believe that is the best way to learn.


It has a program that will allow me to get all of the requirements I need to start the engineering program at University of Colorado Colorado Springs at a far cheaper price. The reason I like this the most about the school is because I can get all of the prerequisites I need for the Computer Engineering program at UCCS without having to pay the insane tuition that UCCS would have required me to pay to take the same classes.


I think that the best thing about my school right now is the location. It is located near my house and near my current job. I also like the 60 to 60 credit transfer opportunities the school offers. Another great thing about Pikes Peak is the teachers that actually care about outside lifes as well and are very understanding. The way they put effort torwards the classes that will help is probably another one of the best things about my school.


The instructors I have had during my time at PPCC have been very supportive and encouraging. I am about to make a huge career change and my doubts and fears have been put to rest knowing I have received a top-notch education from people who are knowledgeable and committed to what they do.


All of the options they provide for taking classes. There are many different options so no one really has an excuse not to be able to go to school.


I love that Pikes Peak Community College offers small, welcoming classrooms with professors--for the most part--who are truly dedicated to seeing the success of their students. This is particularly important to me because, as a high school drop out, I feared reentering the academic world as a 23 year old woman with little to no confidence. All of that has now changed. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA for three consecutive semesters, and I must credit the college, as I do myself, for the drastic change in my confidence to achieve success.


The idea of being successful and knowing that there are people that will support me.


Once of the best things about the school is the price. I am able to studies certain classes as a fraction of the price in my transfer university setting. The schools layout is pretty well designed. Anyone can find what they are looking for. Especially when they have maps at every inter section. Certain staff member truely are concern with how one is doing in the class and try to falicitate tutors and any other addition help. Their curriculium is vast. I like to Hybrid and online classes, but most of all most of the teachers are genuin and knowledable.


My college is small, and, therefore, I get personal instruction. It has welcomed me with open arms. I have a number of friends there. It is inexpensive and near my home. It's been a great place to transition from high school to a higher university. The academics are very good. They offered my major. The administration is professional and caring.


The best thing about Pikes Peak Community College is that is is less expensive than the other colleges in the city.