Pima Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of the students are very friendly and helpful.


My classmates, while attending Pima Community College, are very diverse and allow for all ideas to be considered as well as looked upon equaly.


Students range from high school students to people that are returning to school at a later point in life, as well as people from different religions and ethnicities.


Hardworking, loyal, honest, driven people.


My classmates are very diverse in personality, race, age etc. We are all there for the same reasons, to learn and recieve our General Education credits to then hopefully transfer onto a University.


Students come from all types of backrounds, usually trying to better themselves by getting an education.


Classmates at Pima are very diverse and intersting and often are interested in study groups and making friends.


My classmates to this point are the true meaning behind college diversity.


So far my classmates have all been kind people who don't treat me any differently just because I am a rather quiet person.


Many of my classmates are fun, some are annoying, but I like them all, except Erin.


My classmates here at Pima Community College this semester seem to be on the same level as me, meaning that we are planning on transferring to a University within the next year.. We somehow became acquaintances, mostly because we rely on each other for moral support and in the process of transferring. This is the only semester here at Pima that I can say I have made friends in the classroom.


My classmates are primarily mid-life career changers who want to become teachers to make a difference in the lives of the children of Arizona.


At my school, there is incredible diversity ? young people, seniors, working people, full-time students, rich, poor, and a rainbow of colors.


My classmates are eager to help when you don't know your way around, are not afraid to meet new people.


I enjoy students of all levels, the younger ones bring much passion and the older ones, wise thoughts and consideration to the classroom. Mostly I enjoy a seasoned group for they have already learned to respect the classroom, thus enabling a better working enviroment.


My fellow classmates are hardworking and inspiring individuals, they are there to help you with your studies and there to also have fun with you.


My classmates are mature, well spoken and students who are in the class to learn and strive for a better future like me.


My classmates are either motivated individuals driven to succeed or they are immature and unorganized people only chasing higher education because their parents are forcing them to.


my classmates are hardworking, some are easy going and many of them are worried about their grades in the subject they are taking. Actually they are trying for the best in their grades.